London Boat Show - Friday

First public day and a chance to race against Ben Ainslie

Friday January 5th 2001, Author: Gerald New, Location: United Kingdom
London Boat Show 2001First day of the London Boat Show for the general public and a chance to forget for a few hours the cold and rain outside.

The gleaming hulls, the perfect sails and all in the warm and dry. no need to think of those battling around the world in the various races, dodging icebergs. But not completely, because even round the world single-handers get to visit the Boat Show - via satellite anyway. During the show you are invited to come along and put your questions to helms including; Ellen MacArthur, Mike Golding, Tony Bullimore, Steve Fossett, Grant Dalton and Josh Hall when they dial up from wherever they are - and you are face to face on the video screens.

A far cry from the days when lone helmsmen sailed over the horizon and were only seen and heard from months later as they arrived back and then wrote a book to tell us all about it!

This is the Boat Show following the highly successful Olympic campaign by the British team and they are much in evidence at various awards and presentations throughout.

Laser trainer at Boat ShowOn the Laser stand you can even take on Gold Medallist, Ben Ainslie, without getting wet. Anyone who saw his determined performance in the final Laser race at the Games will know that this is not something to take lightly - but you will not have to outmanoeuvre Ben, just sail the Laser 'sailing simulator' around a course faster than him!

A normal Laser hull is mounted in a fully articulated mechanism that responds to all the sailing input of the helm - hiking, steering and mainsheet adjustment - while sailing a virtual course displayed on a screen.

The on screen analysis of the sailor's performance, built into the programme, allows competitive comparison and an exact identification of individual strengths and weaknesses. Ben's profile has been entered so come along and see if you would have beaten him in that final race.

Not able to get to the Show or going later in the week? Hit the feedback and let us know what you would like to see.

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