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Both rigs now in the boat, sea trials to resume early next week

Friday November 17th 2000, Author: Mark Chisnell, Location: United Kingdom
Team Philips has now successfully stepped the starboard mast and the sails have been attached. The rig went in at 0815 on Thursday 16th November. The boat then returned to Dartmouth, "Everything went smoothly this morning and we will be working hard to prepare the boat to set out to sea. We can't wait to be back sailing again. Team Philips will now do the talking." said Skipper Pete Goss.
Team Philips completed the major structural repairs to the mast, and managed to step the port rig and wishbone over the weekend of the 11-12 November. But, as we reported last week, conditions were not particularly favourable, with wind and tide both making life difficult.

Team Philips was pulled from the water on Sunday, and the angle of the propellers was altered for greater efficiency. As soon as she was back in the water the port rig was stepped, but when they tried to get the starboard mast in, the trailing edge was damaged.

The carbon fibre that creates the aerodynamic shape was dinged, and although not structural, the damage required repair. With the water under Team Philips rapidly disappearing as the tide went out, the decision was made to take the maxi cat back down the river to Dartmouth marina with just the port mast up. With the second rig not going in until Thursday, another four days have slipped by for a programme desperately short of time.

The team have also announced their plans up to The Race, and it seems that Goss has learned from the experience of the previous launches - the ambitious programme is gone, in its place is the simple objective of sea trials from Dartmouth, 'to allow the boat to be worked up slowly'. The sea trials will begin as soon as the preparation is complete, this is not likely to be until early next week.

The boat will head down to Monaco at the beginning of December, for arrival on the 13th and the Prologue on the 15th. The race to Barcelona now starts on the 17th December. It's also hoped to announce a replacement for Mike Calvin by the end of November.

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