Orange stops!

Skirting the Saint Helena High to the West Orange is parked for the second time

Thursday March 14th 2002, Author: Nick Moloney, Location: Transoceanic
Position comparison at 14 March at 0800hrs GMT

Latest email from Nick Moloney to madforsailing:

Well this is the first time that we have actually STOPPED! the last four hours have been a total shocker. I am glad to be feeling the influence of the high because I know that there is breeze beyond it. I'm just a bit impatient to get through to the other side and begin heading east.

Hopefully by the time you get this we will be doing better than the 3kts we are doing right now. Not sure how far we are ahead of Sport Elec but believe its around 1600miles. If so we will watch some of that diminish over the next 36 hours until we find a new stream of breeze.

The temperature is great.... a bit hot during the day and beautiful at night. Before long we will be freezing our butts off and we know it so everyone has stopped complaining about the heat. Didn't sleep at all last off watch. laid around listening to music a tad concerned about rate of progress. Have started drawing plans for my dream home on the coast of France to keep mind from dwelling.

Did I mention that I'm looking forward to heading East!

Never been this far west in a passage out of the Atlantic. Its killing me that to think a course with its only waypoints being the Southern Capes, we have had to travel further, due to weather, than the restrictions set in the Volvo. I'm not too bitter because we are damn lucky to be here and I know that. Just frustrated, we've had a pretty good run so far. Need to take good with bad.

Tonight will be another tough one with wind shifting but with a mirror sea, clear skies, bright stars, you can be sure that it will be spectacular. Alright! as I am sitting here writing we have started moving at around 7kts BS. The sound of the water past the port hull is bliss.


Geronimo forced to abandon their Jules Verne attempt due to rudder problems should soon be arriving in Brest to assess the damage and consider the options.

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