Cape Horn to port

An end to the extreme Southern Ocean sailing...

Saturday April 13th 2002, Author: John Greenland, Location: Transoceanic
Latest logbook entry from Nick Moloney

Well we didn't manage to completely avoid the upwind onslaught. At daybreak this morning we were once again forced to drop the mainsail completely and sail under wing mast alone for a brief period. 40+kts upwind in this part of the world is not at all pleasant. We spent most of the day getting blasted by frozen spray trying to slow the boat to 12-15kts boat speed under storm jib alone.

Sometimes it was so windy the gusts were like being punched in the chest. Wore goggles through most of it as eyes are pretty trashed from over a week of thick spray at high speed.

Very cool images of one angry ocean today. I remember running across the tramp..leeward to windward hull and watching the windward hull hovering as we crawled over the swells. Its amazing how much windage this boat has with wing mast, storm jib and the canoe bodies.

we are reaching again but at 25 knots. The wind has decreased, but seaway is still a little confused, dreaming of cruzing to Antartica one day

Looks like we will have company at the Horn. Training ship Endevour is on route from AUS to Falklands and has been held up by all this strong winds...actually I think she got pummelled in the North by a gale.

looking forward to turning left

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