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A new book points out some interesting changes to the Racing Rules which come into effect this April. Boats under 6m won't need protest flags, for example ...

Monday January 29th 2001, Author: Andy Rice, Location: United Kingdom
There are some significant changes to the Racing Rules, the new version of which comes into effect on 1st April. According to Fernhurst, the publisher of the Rules in Practice 2001-2004: "You can now go swimming off your boat, climb back on board and continue racing - you couldn't before."
Some of the more important changes include a complete revision of starting procedures and changes to the "Slam Dunk" and the touching the mark rules. You also need not fly a protest flag if you sail a yacht under 6 metres in length.

The Rules in Practice 2001-2004 is written by rules guru Bryan Willis, who has sat on juries of just about every major event from the Olympics to the America’s Cup. Priced at £13.95 and published on the 28th February, the book launch will take place at Sailboat 2001 at Alexandra Palace on 3-4 March.

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