Full tilt

Orange putting on the miles as she approaches New Zealand

Thursday April 4th 2002, Author: John Greenland/Orange, Location: Transoceanic
From on board Orange , Nick Moloney sends this report:

As I write I am completely on edge. We are doing 33-35 knots. The new watch has just taken over and I honestly feel like we are out of control. Maybe it's because I am tucked into the stern of the port hull which houses the media station? I am sitting with my feet braced against the bulkhead reallyjust waiting to plunge into a pit and stop. There'ss enough people on deck so I'll just keep typing away.

We are experiencing some strong squall activity again. This began last evening when we were under mid-gennaker, full main in 25 knots of wind doing 28knots. The dark clouds rolled in not long after sunset and a procession of reefs and sail changes now has us with two reefs and storm spi.

wwwwoooooooowwwwwwaaaaaa, I can feel the front beam just touching on some of these big surfs.

Another indication that we may have left our departure a little late is the length of darkness that we are experiencing. We have a bit of a stressful cocktail mixing here. We are deep south, running in strong winds and steep waves at speeds in excess of 30kts, we are now loosing the moon and heading for an ice field.

Our first headache is Macquarie Island about 100 miles right on our bow.

Okay it's probably time to say a big hello to all my mates currently in NZ training for the America's Cup. Good on ya. Right now I'm thinking of making a comeback to the short course day sailing....Na not really, I love this stuff.

Were nearly half way yyyiiiippppppppppeeeeeee!

We have come so far to fail now will be heart breaking. We still have such a long way to go and sooooo many hurdles ahead. It's time to start crossing those fingers and toes.

Our horizon is closing in and the waves are standing proud. the surface of this freezing fluid is exploding once again ito random balls of spray.........its on!


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