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Retracing the steps of Ellen MacArthur round Britain, the Milton Keynes girl brings us up to date with her progress

Thursday June 20th 2002, Author: Karen Hodges, Location: United Kingdom
I'm back on track after my dodgy start and finally I feel I'm on my way now. I left Lowestoft at 2pm on Sunday wishing the guys doing the sailathon from London to Edinburgh good luck and headed off into the night. I sailed across the Wash at night making it to the mouth of the Humber by 2pm Monday, I did my usual thing of not being able to make it in to anchor at Spurn Head so just carried on.

10pm Monday night I made it in to Bridlington. After 32 hours of solid sailing it felt pretty good. I had had all sorts going on, from calms and headwinds then strong wind and some serious swell from astern as we surfed up to 8knots (totally out of control!) but serious fun.

I had the day off in Bridlington as I haven't got the hang of feeding myself en route and had survived on a bag of Jelly Babies.

I left Bridlington at around 10pm trying to make Whitby for around 8-9 this evening. However the wind gods have decided differently and the forecast F4-5 from the southwest is a 2 now, so here I am in Scarborough Yacht Club being shown Ellen's entry in the visitors book from some five 5 years earlier.

Keep on truckin'
Luv Karen.

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