Match race nightmare

Three boats are now neck and neck just 23 miles behind illbruck

Monday February 18th 2002, Author: Peter Bentley, Location: Transoceanic
You loose some, and then you win some - Knut Frostad reports from aboard djuice

What am I talking about? Miles. Nautical miles, off course. That's the only thing that counts in our lives right now. Gaining miles makes the morning the greatest moment ever. Losing a couple makes it hard. For those who enjoy a quiet evening in front of the TV back home, watching Jean-Yves [Bernot] and myself in the nav station right now must look pretty weird.

For hours and hours we can sit and just watch the same GRIB file computer animated on the LCD screen. Is it going to be more pressure in the west? Will the lift come earlier in the east, or is this model better? We have plenty of models to choose from. When a crystal clear satellite picture of the earth is something of the most beautiful thing you can watch, I guess it's a sign that we have been out here for a while.

Last night we started paying more than we hoped for when we hiked up to the east a little, after being equal with Assa Abloy, watching them to leeward. Jean-Yves kept track of potential squalls on the radar, the whole night, and by about ten at night we found our rain squall. The idea is to get them behind you, slightly on weather side, and then figure out what direction they are moving. This one moved north west, and we managed to ride it for almost five hours, with possibly three to five knots extra wind. Although we went plenty off course, it paid off.

Now we are watching Assa Abloy again on deck, but this time they are to weather. It's closer than ever between all the boats in the fleet, and you would have to be gambling a lot to predict the outcome of this one. If you see what has happened the last 24 hours and say that equally big changes will happen the next, then a lot will happen, and we want to be part of that - that's for sure.

As the results from the winter Olympics are ticking in, and I proudly see that Norway is second over all, it makes me even more motivated to give everything we can on the last miles left.

Hold your breath...

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