Assa light boat, sirree!

Jason Carrington gives James Boyd a guided tour of the Volvo Ocean 60 ASSA ABLOY
You might think that the Volvo Ocean Race with its conservative principles and tight design rule would not allow much in the way of development. But given an active imagination and a brief to par down weight wherever possible - even going to the most extreme lengths - then the end result is something approximating Roy Heiner's Volvo Ocean 60 ASSA ABLOY. Part of the team behind the development of this Swedish Volvo Ocean 60 are Jason Carrington and Neal Graham, two key crewmembers from Lawrie Smith's Silk Cut project who were recently joined in their ASSA ABLOY experience by a third ex-Silk Cutter in the infamous Neal McDonald. Carrington showed madforsailing around the boat tied up in Southampton's Ocean Village, alongside the seven other boats taking part in Sunday's Volvo Ocean Race. We have written about ASSA ABLOY's unique construction method before. She was built by Green Marine in Southampton under the project management of Carrington and Graham and to save weight her construction was in a near perfect female mould (all the other boats were built over a male plug). With the outside of her hull 'perfect' there was no need to fill and fair her and no need to paint her, save for a layer of clear lacquer. The result was many, many hours more labour, but a weight saving of 100kg. Carrington maintains that with the exception of Amer Sport One, Grant Dalton's Frers boat, she is the lightest in the Volvo Ocean Race fleet. "We have the biggest bulb," he maintains adding that he saw the unmilled keel of Lisa McDonald's Amer Sport Too beside their own milled keel and theirs was still larger. 123456next ›last »