USA 67 launched today...

One World Challenge today launched their new IACC boat in Auckland, New Zealand

Tuesday March 26th 2002, Author: One World, Location: Australasia

Kay Davidson, wife of OneWorld designer Laurie Davidson, Christening USA 67

The OneWorld Challenge America's Cup team today launched their second International America's Cup Class yacht, USA 67. This kicks off an intense racing and testing program with USA 65 which was christened on March 4, 2002.

OneWorld is the first of the 2003 America's Cup teams to have both of their new boats on the water in New Zealand training for the Louis Vuitton Cup that begins on 1 October. Both Victory Challenge and Alinghi are close to finishing their second boats, however there are some teams, including GBR Challenge, yet to finish their first and only boats for the event.

Though OneWorld Challenge is a new syndicate it has rarely been out of the headlines. Initial scares over funding running dry were quickly replaced when it emerged the team and ex-employee Sean Reeves were entangled in a legal battle. Reeves has allegadly been trying to sell the team's design ideas and more recently it has come to light the team may have had access to Team New Zealand knowledge.

Also announced today was the team's multi-media environmental campaign. Founder communications billionaire Craig McCaw is the driving force behind the team's environmental mission. "When you empower excellent people, challenge them and trust that they will do the right thing, you are often surprised by the results. In the case of the environmental programs the team is developing they have exceeded my expectations and are continuously improving on their own ideas," said McCaw.

Sean Brealey, OneWorld's Environmental Education Programs Director, has been out in the Auckland and Seattle area schools presenting kids with a multi-media education program on the history of the America's Cup, the physics involved with these powerful boats, and the health of the planet Earth and her oceans. Brealey has already been in front of over 7,000 school children with his program and will have seen over 20,000 by the start of the Louis Vuitton Cup.

OneWorld believes that recycling begins at home. On the Auckland shorebase the team members have sourced local organisations that will recycle eight different materials including aluminum, steel, titanium, plastic, office paper, shredded paper, cardboard boxes and glass. Their base is also environmentally friendly as rain water that falls on the bases's roof is collected in a large holding tank and used for the daily wash-down of sails and the two boats themselves when they are lifted out of the water after sailing each day.

The team has gone one further. They have calculated the Carbon Dioxide emissions from the fuel they will burn in their cars and support vessels over the life of the campaign. Based on the calculations the team will compensate by planting in the region of 10,000 trees before the start of racing with the Motutapu Island Restoration Trust.

To top this off apparently on days when the team find itself without wind, it leaves the boats and tenders to go to nearby beaches to clean up and make good use of their time while they await the wind. It looks as though the team will have it's work cut out over the next five months.

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