Rival Admiral's Cup?

Possible alternatives to the Admiral's Cup are waiting in the wings
Following discord from a number of IRM owners, pressure is now mounting from a number of other directions on the newly reconstituted Admiral's Cup . Though conceding that his plans are currently at an early stage, Farr International's Geoff Stagg is quite open about his intentions to stage a three-boat team competition in the Mediterranean in late August or early September 2003. Though details are not yet finalised, Stagg says that the plan is to hold a regatta for teams comprising a Farr 40, Mumm 30 and Melges 24. Stagg is expecting between 20 and 25 entries, with teams solicited from clubs rather than nations. To date he has been delighted with the response to his idea, saying with little candour, "it seems to have been well received." While it would be easy to see this as idle marketing talk, there is evidence to support Stagg's view. The Farr 40 class will be holding their World Championships in Sardinia in late September next year. With more than 30 boats expected at that event, it does not seem unreasonable to expect many of them to move on to the as yet unnamed team event. The Melges 24 World Championships are in Denmark in July, ensuring a good international fleet in Europe. Most nations will therefore have a competitive boat in Europe and for those who do not, there will be a large pool of competitive boats available from charter. Stagg's plan is to select a central Mediterranean venue to ease the logistical problems for both classes. And you can be sure the Mumm 30 class will be mindful of the proposed team event when selecting a venue and date for their European Championships. "We have three of ISAF's premier big boat classes here," says Stagg simply. "Why not have