Climbing the Bridge

Lisa Walker has been trying to take her mind off tomorrow's Star race - husband Ian's debut at the 2000 Games
Of all the cities in the world that you can visit, Sydney must be one of the best. To be there when the city is hosting the Olympic Games is even better. But when your husband is competing in those Olympics, it's something else. Ian has his practice race today, so I feel like it’s finally happening. I’ve been here for nearly two weeks now, and have seen at first hand how their preparation has gone. It’s been unbelievably frustrating for both Ian and Mark with lots of little things hampering their progress. Having said that, they are ready to go out on the race course and do what they’ve been doing all year - sail well. Today's practice race was originally scheduled for two days ago, and although this race brings no pressure, it will be vital for them to brush away some cobwebs and start their campaign on the right foot. I decided not to go out and watch the practice race - I’m saving all my nerves for tomorrow. And what better way to take your mind off things than to climb the Sydney Harbour Bridge? I went out early - having been advised by Sue Crafer, Team GBR’s physio, that the morning was the best time. I met up with Ian’s father, John, and headed off to the Bridge Climb HQ to get kitted out. Nothing is left to chance, and after a briefing and donning cat-suit type overalls (I’m not kidding), we were handed out harnesses, which were to be our lifelines as we climbed the 'Coat Hangar'. We were part of a group of ten and eight of those were here for the Games - it looks like everybody has the same ideas when they come to Sydney. John and I climbed together, and