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Sea trials will continue after a trip back to the builders

Wednesday November 8th 2000, Author: Mark Chisnell, Location: United Kingdom
Sea trials have continued for the second of the Gilles Ollier maxi-cats to be built for The Race, and Code 1 has now sailed half a dozen times in La Trinite Bay. The skipper, Loïck Peyron, is happy with progress, commenting that, on the technical side, 'there is nothing dramatic'. Although observers reported that there are plenty of details to be tidied up - the starboard rudder binds when the boat heels and presses on that hull, for instance.
The boat will be returned to Vannes and the yard for the builders and the crew to work together on the problem areas. After unconfirmed reports of more structural trouble in the bow area of Club Med (the crash box broke off during an earlier trans-Atlantic attempt), there is indirect confirmation - Peyron is already booked in to the yard for more work on the bow panels. The matter is not thought to be serious however, as Club Med is reported to have left for a week of offshore training.

Two new crew members have joined the group; Olivier Lozachmeur, a regular competitor on the French multi-hull circuit, he raced the 2000 season with Groupama; and Thierry Douillard is moving to Code 1 after considerable success in Match Racing. Peyron confirmed that the crew will remain largely French, but was confident that his American co-skipper Skip Novak, and Swedish navigator, Roger Nilson, would feel quite at home. Nilson was in France last week to set up the navigational equipment and computers.

Peyron said that Code 1's sea trials will resume when the work on the bow panels has been completed. The maxi cat will remain in La Trinité until around November 20th and he expects to chose the final crew members before the boat leaves the yard. They will then sail to Marseilles via the Azores, to complete the 2,500 miles required to qualify for The Race.

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