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Simplicity itself. Our blow-by-blow guide to joining thedailysail's blogosphere

Thursday November 18th 2010, Author: James Boyd, Location: none selected

Okay, so you have Facebook, Twitter and all the other social networking horrors . If you wish to communicate with your friends and others who've heard of you then that's all good. If you want to broadcast your views to a wider relevant audience or are a professional sailor wishing to get a little more profile or possibly some return for a sponsor (who's logos you can paste up on your own page free of charge), then blogging on thedailysail is for you.

This is simple...

1) Write your blog and save it

2) You have to be a member of thedailysail which involves payment of our extremely modest annual subscription. Find out more here

3) Once you have become a member, or if you are already, and are equipped with a username and password, then log in via the top RH panel or by trying to open a 'premium' article.

4) Return to the top RH panel and click on 'Create Blog post'

5) In the title start with your name and then a short title (eg 'James Boyd - How to blog on thedailysail'). Make sure the title is no more than five words.

6) Pick a 'primary term'. Is you blog relevant to offshore, inshore or dinghy sailing? If none or all of the above select 'general'.

7) From the next three fields select anything that might be relevant to your blog. In 'craft type' you can make multiple selections by holding down the 'Ctrl' key

8) The fun part. Click on button 1 in the pic above and cut and paste the text for your blog into the dialogue box that opens (this removes any nasty unwanted formatting from your word processor). Click OK

9) You can then beautify how the text will look on the page, using the bold, italic and underline buttons (2), you can add links (3), justify text left, right or centre (4). You can also add photos (5)

10) More on photos. Firstly if you have a photo editor, resize your images to 470 pixels across. If you can't edit images then it is easiest to email your image to us here:

- Plant your cursor where you want the photo at the start or end (to be recommended) or middle of your finest prose.

- Then click on button 5 and you'll be presented with an 'Image Properties' box.

- Click on 'Browse Server' which will open another scary-looking dialogue box entitled 'Image/File Browser'.

- Towards the bottom of this there is a button called 'Choose file', click on this and find the image on your hard drive.

- Click 'upload file'. In a few seconds the image file should appear as text in the top panel of the display and the image itself displayed in the middle panel.

- Click on either the file name or the image and the dialogue box will miraculously disappear and you'll be back to the plain old 'Image Properties' box.

- In the 'Image Properties box click 'okay' and you're done.

- Your photo will now appear in the text.

11) Once you've finished beautifying your masterpiece, then scroll down to the bottom of the page and click 'submit'.

Uphappy with your blog?

Once you've pressed submit, the finished item will appear. You can return to edit it either by clicking on the little 'edit' tab above your blog. Alternatively back up in the top RH box you can click on 'my page' and you'll find your blog hiding in there. Click on it to open and assuming you're still logged in the article will open with the 'edit' tab visible once again.

If you want to edit your blog, then all the above instructions apply, but you must once against click 'submit' at the end of process.

Good luck.


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