Jim Saltonstall looks at racing in Torbay
Torbay is a large bay, facing east and situated on the English Riviera. It is one of the most popular venues for major yachting events in Great Britain. The venue is serviced by three clubs: Royal Torbay Yacht Club to the north; Paignton Sailing Club in the middle; and Brixham Yacht Club to the south. All three clubs have - in my opinion, which I’m entitled to, as I live in a democratic country - an excellent reputation for hosting major events. They offer first class hospitality, a friendly atmosphere and a professional approach to the running of big events, both ashore and afloat. But book early to save disappointment, as it is a very popular venue. Race Areas The three race areas could operate easily at any one time: north, middle and south in the bay. However, if there is just the one major event going on at one of the clubs, then they normally plum for the middle of the bay, or the area nearest to the club hosting the event. North Race Area Wind Direction 330-040 degrees: 'Orrible direction for Torbay, with the wind coming over the top of a high land mass to the north it is all over the place. This is both a competitor’s and a race committee’s nightmare. Should you have to race in this wind direction, don’t forget to take the prayer book with you! The wind shifts over a wide arc - perhaps 80 degrees. Worse, the wind is very gusty as it comes over the top of the hill. Normally, the race committee will not race you here. They will take the fleet further to the south or east, away from the land for cleaner wind. 040-090 degrees: A clearer direction for the wind and also for the sea. The wind coming anywhere from the