Andy Green interview - part 2

Today Andy talks about picking the crew and his other responsibilities for GBR Challenge
Meanwhile there is still the issue of who will be sailing on the boat for the Louis Vuitton series and in particular who will be in the afterguard. "I think the sailing team have got a good idea of who are going to be the people involved in the boat. But at the same time we have 30 people who are all incredibly good sailors and we'll probably see some switching around," says Andy Green. He argues that they are not alone in leaving the decision over who will be in the final crew until as late as possible. "I'd like to know who is steering Prada. I think all the teams have had similar issues over the last year or so. You could see those problems at Oracle with Chris Dickson and Paul Cayard and it's all a mix of personalities. We've now been going a year and a bit and we're just settling down into who the right people are for the jobs. And you've got to prove yourself in this group of sailors. I've not no problem with the fact that our sailing team is going to be absolutely up to the mark. The differences between ranked number 3 and ranked number 11 in the world is so small when it comes to sailing America's Cup boats and with people like Ian Walker, Ado Stead, Chris Main, Jules, Andy Beadsworth when push comes to shove we all know what the game is and it is really a question of getting us to work best together. "I think Prada is similar. Will you see Francesco steering the start? Similarly will you see Larry Ellison driving around the course?" However one gets the impression that the team is further down the road in this respect than they are