Riley wins One Ton Cup

Subject to action in the protest room

Sunday October 13th 2002, Author: James Boyd, Location: Mediterranean
Last night's protests judged in favour of K-Challenge One and K-Challenge Two. As a result all the general placings have been turned on their head, with Atalanti X disqualified from race 4 and Cavale Bleue from race 6.

Today the competition was in fabulous sunshine and once again a wind that was all over the place - the first race was held in a strong mistral, while the second was held in barely any.

Although only six boats took part in the One Ton Cup, competitors have been happy with the event. Paul Cayard admits he has made several mistakes in the races, but doesn't regret coming to Saint-Tropez to participate. Cayard is a previous winner of the One Ton Cup.

Today there were yet more protests so the overall results below are only provisionnal. K-Challenge One is currently at the top, although Dawn Riley lost it in the final regatta and came last place. She's very happy with her crew work on board - K Yachting are using this event as training for their 2006 America's Cup programme. She's followed very closely by Atalanti X and K-Challenge Two and Wolf .

1 - K-Challenge One - GER 7331 - Kandler / Riley-Fédensieu
2 - Atalanti X - GRE 46 - Andreadis / Cayard
3 - K-Challenge Two - FRA 18831 - Kandler / Charbonnier
4 - Wolf - GBR 45R - Williams / Powell
5 - Cavale Bleue - FRA 18043 - Duquenne / Péponnet
6 - Grooverdeci - USA 46950 - Demourkas / Larson

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