Horton leads Gold Cup

Shawn McBride reports from the match racing in Bermuda

Sunday October 13th 2002, Author: Shawn McBride, Location: United States
American Andy Horton registered three wins on Hamilton Harbour today, running his overall record to 5-0, and remaining the only undefeated skipper in round robin racing at the Swedish Match Tour’s Bermuda Gold Cup, hosted by the Royal Bermuda Yacht Club.

With his 5-0, record Horton sits atop Group 1, two wins ahead of the four skippers tied for second place. Today, Horton dispatched of American Bill Buckles, local skipper Peter Bromby of “Team Bacardi” and Sweden’s Marten Hedlund of “Team Victory Lane.”

“We had two really tough races today and were the benefit of some penalties by our opponents which allowed us to escape with wins,” admitted Horton. “We sailed pretty solidly all day, the crew did a great job.”

Also going 3-0, today and putting himself in the thick of the four-way tie was another local skipper Adam Barboza, helming a second “Team Bacardi” entry. Barboza bounced back today following a disappointing 0-2, opening performance to regatta.

In the afternoon’s press conference Barboza admitted to drawing motivation from the large contingent of spectators gathered on the RBYC pier.

“It’s awesome to race in front of the crowds on the pier,” said Barboza. “It sounds like an NFL stadium when you cross the finish line in front of the pier,” said Barboza. “Placing the start/finish line just off the pier creates an awesome experience for both the crews and the spectators.”

In Group 2 action, Chris Law and “The Outlaws” rebounded from a disappointing first day to post two wins and move .5 points off the pace.

“Yesterday, we were a bit tired and sailing together as a team for the first time, but today we came out and sailed clean,” said Law. “I’m quite happy with how we’re doing and our fate is in our hands tomorrow.”

American skipper Tucker Thompson, who has competed as part of Law’s crew on previous Swedish Match Tour events, also posted two wins to move into a first place tie with local skipper Glenn Astwood. Astwood followed up his perfect opening day by splitting his matches today, losing to Law and defeating Anthony Kotoun of the US Virgin Islands.

On Day 2 of the Bermuda International Women’s Match Racing Championship, three skippers went 2-0. However, not included in this list was the world’s top-ranked match racer, Marie Bjorling, who dropped her two matches to level her record at 2-2.

“I’m used to sailing faster boats, with shorter sterns,” said Bjorling. “I learned a lot today which I will take forward with me tomorrow.”

Local Bermuda skipper Paula Lewin increased her win total to four with a 2-0 day, defeating Bjorling and American Liz Baylis.

“We were excited to wake up and see the fresh breeze this morning because we feel very comfortable in these boats in these conditions,” said Lewin. “We controlled both starts and were able to hold onto our leads. I’m happy with the position we’re in right now.”

Also going 2-0, and tied with Lewin for the lead in round robin racing, is Denmark’s Lotte Pedersen.

Klaartje Zuiderbaan scored two wins today, including a victory over Bjorling, to even her record at 2-2.

"It was very good out on the water today, perfect conditions," said Zuiderbaan. "We are very happy to have learned from our mistakes yesterday and have positive results for our work. We have not quite mastered the boats, but we are getting more comfortable."

The Bermuda Women's Match Racing Championship, like the Bermuda Gold Cup, is raced in 33-foot International One Designs (IODs). The IOD is a classic racing sloop synonymous with Bermuda and is the first class to achieve "International Classic Yacht" status with the International Sailing Federation (ISAF).

The regatta continues tomorrow with the completion of round robin racing for the unseeded skippers in the morning, to be followed by the final three flights of the round robin portion of the Bermuda International Women’s Match Racing Championship, scheduled to begin at 1pm local time.

Group 1
Skipper Wins Losses
1. Andy Horton (USA) 5 0
2. Adam Barboza (BER/Team Bacardi) 3 2
3. Mason Woodworth (USA) 3 2
4. Peter Bromby (BER/Team Ace Group) 3 2
5. Marten Hedlund (SWE/Team Victory Lane) 3 2
6. Michael Green (St. Lucia) 2 3
7. Sally Barkow (USA/Team Seven-Barkow Racing) 1 4
8. Bill Buckles (USA) 0 5

Group 2
Skipper Wins Losses
1. Glenn Astwood (BER/Team Bacardi) 4 1
2. Tucker Thompson (USA/Team T2 Productions) 4 1
3. Chris Law (Great Britain/”The Outlaws”) 3.5 1
4. Karl Ziegler (USA) 3 2
5. Scott Dickson (USA/Dickson Racing Team) 3 2
6. Andy Lovell (USA) 2 3
7. Tino Ellegast (Germany) 0 5
8. Anthony Kotoun (U.S. Virgin Islands) 0 5

Group 1
Flight 3
Green def. Barkow
Bromby def. Woodworth
Barboza def. Hedlund
Horton def. Buckles

Flight 4
Barboza def. Green
Horton def. Bromby
Woodworth def. Buckles
Hedlund def. Barkwo

Flight 5
Barboza def. Buckles
Horton def. Hedlund
Woodworth def. Green
Bromby def. Barkow

Group 2
Flight 4
Law def. Astwood
Thompson def. Ellegast
Ziegler def. Kotoun
Dickson def. Lovell

Flight 5
Astwood def. Kotoun
Thompson def. Lovell
Law def. Ziegler
Dickson def. Ellegast

Round Robin Standings
Skipper Wins Losses
1. Lotte Pedersen (Denmark) 4 0
2. Paul Lewin (BER/Team Ace Group) 4 0
3. Elizabeth Baylis (USA) 3 1
4. Marie Bjorling, (SWE/Team Goteborg Energi) 2 2
5. Deborah Willits (USA) 2 2
6. Klaartje Zuiderbaan (Netherlands) 2 2
7. Elizabeth Kratzig (USA/Team Kaenon) 1 3
8. Sandy Hayes (USA) 0 4

Flight 3
Lewin def. Bjorling
Zuiderbaan def. Hayes
Pedersen def. Baylis
Kratzig def. Willits

Flight 4
Lewin def. Baylis
Willits def. Hayes
Zuiderbaan def. Kratzig
Pedersen def. Bjorling

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