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On our interview with Chris Law, de Savary's AC challenge, the Commodore's Cup and the new Pro25 sportsboat
We have continued to get your thoughts on our interview with Chris Law. Stewart Dyer writes: If Prada have such a strong management team: Why do they find themselves at the mercy of the Arbitration panel (with potentially dramatic consequences)? And this as the challenger of record. Why are the personnel talking mixed messages in public? Why are nationality issues (do we need to mention family issues?) getting in the way of the objective? (Maybe it's an objective with conditions. There should only be one: be better than anyone else in every area.) Doug Peterson is good, but if he is that good why were they desperate to get Farr and his team? (With the so called "pick of the designers" at their disposal?) Because they recognised that the game will move on big time (relatively) and needs the rounded brain pool to get there with the killer app: the product. If Peterson jumps to the kind of conclusions that he does in public (witness the 'it's all over bar the sailing' remarks during the keel days in 2000) what is he like within the team when he has researched his own ideas? Open to others? The design issue is better considered within a co-ordination/resource management framework (see the info. management systems available to Oracle). A strong technical co-ordinator (in the John Marshall league) with a seamless link to the "jockeys on the boat" is clearly a must. It bears repeating that no team has beaten the Americans (twice) and then successfully defended it ( far) without Schnackenberg. Juan K. and Howlett will clearly bring new elements to the game, but this? Yes, they beat Cayard 5-4. And Cayard did have money (eventually): but Prada had more of everything earlier (especially time, design time) and still failed to recognise early that