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Mid-way through quarter finals of Trofeo Roberto Trombini match racing in Italy

Saturday July 12th 2003, Author: James Boyd, Location: Italy
Day of the the IX Trofeo Trombini, Italy’s first Grade 1 ISAF match racing event saw perfect weather conditions. After 14 flights of Round Robin One four skippers and eight have advanded to the quarter finals.

Final classification after 14 flights of Round Robin 1:
1. James Spithill (AUS) 10-1
2. Jes Gram-Hansen (DEN) 10-1
3. Ed Baird (USA) 8-3
4. Paolo Cian (ITA) 8-3
5. Matteo Simoncelli (ITA) 6-5
6. Roy Heiner (NED) 5-6
7. Ian Williams (GBR) 4-7
8. Staffan Lindberg (FIN) 4-7
9. Luc Pillot (FRA) 3-8
10. Tommaso Chieffi (ITA) 3-8
11. Cameron Appleton (NZL) 3-8
12. Chris Law (GBR) 2-9

The quarter final regattas started in the afternoon. After two flights, Spithill is leading 2-0 on Lindberg, Cian is also 2-0 on Simoncelli, whilst Baird-Heiner and Gram-Hansen-Williams are both in equilibre: 1-1. Tomorrow the quarter finals will finish, and the semifinals will be started..

Quarter finals
Spithill d. Lindberg
Spithill d. Lindberg
(Spithill-Lindberg 2-0)

Cian d. Simoncelli
Cian d. Simoncelli
(Cian-Simoncelli 2-0)

Gram-Hansen d. Williams
Williams d. Gram-Hansen
(Gram-Hansen-Williams 1-1)

Heiner d. Baird
Baird d. Heiner
(Baird-Heiner 1-1)

All races of Round Robin
(flights 10.7)

Cian d. Heiner
Baird d. Williams
Lindberg d. Appleton
Spithill d. Pillot
Simoncelli d. Law
(bye Gram-Hansen, Chieffi)

Simoncelli d. Pillot
Spithill d. Law
Williams d. Lindberg
Gram Hansen d. Heiner
Cian d. Chieffi
(bye Baird, Appleton)

Spithill d. Lindberg
Gram-Hansen d. Law
Chieffi d. Williams
Simoncelli d. Baird
Heiner d. Appleton
(bye Pillot, Cian)

Heiner d. Williams
Chieffi d. Appleton
Spithill d. Baird
Gram Hansen d. Pillot
Cian d. Law
(bye Simoncelli, Lindberg)

Spithill d. Gram-Hansen
Appleton d. Pillot
Baird d. Chieffi
Cian d. Simoncelli
Lindberg d. Heiner
(bye Williams, Law)

Baird d. Appleton
Cian d. Pillot
Simoncelli d. Lindberg
Gram-Hansen d. Chieffi
Law d. Williams
(bye Spithill, Heiner)

Lindberg d. Chieffi
Williams d. Pillot
Law d. Appleton
Baird d. Heiner
Spithill d. Cian
(bye Gram-Hansen, Simoncelli)

Lindberg d. Law
Spithill d. Heiner
Baird d. Pillot
Simoncelli d. Chieffi
Gram-Hansen d. Williams
(bye Appleton, Cian)

Simoncelli d. Heiner
Baird d. Law
Gram Hansen d. Appleton
Cian d. Williams
(bye Spithill, Chieffi, Pillot, Lindberg)

(Flights of 11.7)
Gram-Hansen d. Simoncelli
Cian d. Appleton
Spithill d. Chieffi
Pillot d. Lindberg
(bye Williams, Heiner, Law, Baird)

Appleton d. Spithill
Pillot d. Chieffi
Williams d. Simoncelli
Heiner d. Law
(bye Cian, Lindberg, Gram-Hansen, Baird)

Cian d. Lindberg
Chieffi d. Law
Williams d. Appleton
Gram-Hansen d. Baird
(bye Spithill, Pillot, Simoncelli, Heiner)

Spithill d. Williams
Baird d. Cian
Gram-Hansen d. Lindberg
Heiner d. Pillot
Appleton d. Simoncelli
(bye Law, Chieffi)

Baird d. Lindberg
Spithill d. Simoncelli
Pillot d. Law
Heiner d. Chieffi
Gram-Hansen d. Cian
(bye Appleton, Williams)

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