Former AC helm's viewpoint

The Daily Sail gets the take on the Auckland action from Chris Law
Chris Law, Outlaw and former America’s Cup helm is in Auckland at present wheeling, dealing and commentating on the America’s Cup action. Law gave The Daily Sail his views on how the America’s Cup is panning out, why Alinghi are winning and, significantly, why Team New Zealand are losing. Alinghi he says are sailing to nearly 100%. “Overall I think Alinghi have got a nice tidy design package. If you put it the other way round if you put Coutts and co in the Team New Zealand boat, I think there'd be no competition.” Equally Law believes that Team New Zealand are quick. “They have got a very good design package. I haven't seen yet what I thought would see which would be a trade off. “The hula - you could see it working upwind: water coming out of the windward side, so there must be frictional drag, but they don't seem to pay a penalty for that. You would think there would a problem in light air or downwind or accelerating so it is a very good design concept and they are clearly quick. They were also quick off the start line in the first race before they had problems. They were quick in race two and got intimidated and in race three having been nearly 200m behind on the first beat coming back to within 30-40m by the end.” Equally there have been some surprises. “Everyone was going on about Team New Zealand being a rocket ship downwind, which it is clearly not.” Law goes on to give his analysis of Team New Zealand’s form, or rather lack of form, in the first three races. Each race, he says, can be described by a single word. “The story of the first race is – come off the line, both boats hammer down, nice