America's Cup finances revealed

In new era of trasparency, ACM open their books

Sunday October 3rd 2004, Author: Peter Rusch, Location: none selected
Western Europe at the beginning of the 21st century is a significant change of scene for the America’s Cup. The event organiser for this 32nd edition was created with a mandate to leverage the potential of this era and new environment and to develop the Cup as an exciting and dynamic event, to provide a competitive sporting regatta, and promote sailing and the America’s Cup as a premier world sport. With the America’s Cup being run in Europe for the first time in its 150-year history, the realisation of the full sporting, cultural and commercial potential of the America’s Cup is also amongst the prime considerations of the event organiser.

With the Host City in Valencia, Spain, a series of opening Acts filling the annual sporting calendar, an enhanced communications and marketing plan, and strong partnerships with sponsors, and challenging teams, the 32nd America’s Cup is strongly entrenched among the world’s elite and prestigious sporting events.

Today, fulfilling a commitment outlined in the Protocol for the 32nd America’s Cup, AC Management published its accounts for the period ending 30 June, 2004. It is the first time the organisation responsible for the America’s Cup has operated in such a transparent manner with regards to its financial position.

The total budgeted revenues for the event are forecast at 210 M€. With expenses budgeted at 195 M€, there is an anticipated surplus of nearly 15 M€ which is to be split between the challenging teams (45%), the Defender (45%), and the event organiser (10%) as per the Protocol for the 32nd America’s Cup.

Revenue until now has been raised through the Host City fee, the main partner Louis Vuitton, partners Endesa and Grupo Santander, and supporters, Adecco, Ford, Nespresso, and Dockwise. Forecast expenses include (as a percentage of overall expenses) Start-up costs at 3%, Marketing and Commercial costs at 10%, Communication and Media at 21%, Race Operations at 13%, General Operations at 39% and General and Administration at 13%.

“We see this occasion as a natural part of fulfilling our mandate,” said Michel Bonnefous, the CEO of AC Management. “It is important that in this new era of a bigger, more dynamic America’s Cup, the event organiser is fully transparent, and accountable to its stakeholders - the teams, our partners, our host cities, and the public who support us. We are proud of what we and our partners have achieved in the short time since the end of the last Cup. But this is just a beginning. Our expenses to 30 June represent just six per cent of what is in the budget…so that means we have 94% of our work left to do. ”

The next accounts, cumulative to 31 December 2004, will be presented near the end of the first quarter of 2005.

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