Turmoil within BMW Oracle?

In his first 'inside the America's Cup' column for us, Tim Jeffery looks at the latest goings-on in Larry Ellison's team
Ten days before Gavin Brady announced his resignation from BMW Oracle Racing it was evident he was 'gone'. At the Danish Open match race event on the Swedish Match Tour, Brady exuded the happiness and relief of a decision made. He sailed like a man with a weight lifted off this shoulders, in stark contrast to the miserable demeanour that he had shown at the Toscana Elba Cup earlier in the year. So what is going on inside BMW Oracle Racing? One source puts it thus: Chris is micro-managing everyone and everything. This team has some of the best and most experienced people. It has huge potential. We all want it to succeed. But working here is plain misery? No one ever pretends a Dickson-run campaign is a bundle of laughs. Yet he has a rare talent, can drive a boat in a manner which impresses hardened pros - remember Tokio's run the Channel three Whitbreads ago? Remember how he dominated the match race circuit before Russell Coutts succeeded him? Remember how Dickson can step on a boat and extract fractions more out of it than most other drivers. Yet he has a manner in which those around him feel hired not valued. If Dickson vents his frustration, it can be more withering than a nuclear winter. Consider the sail trimmers that BMW Oracle has and see how often they sail with Dickson outside of the America's Cup. This is no coincidence. So we can conclude that it is no coincidence either that before Brady, John Kostecki had left. Before him Dirk de Ridder. Helmsman, tactician and top trimmer - all gone. Others are taking time out to sail in the Volvo, as the team scale down to one boat sailing while the new boat is under construction at Janicki