Building a TP52

We speak to Wellington-based Paul Hakes about the build of the Vrolijk TPs Mean Machine and Anomino
For more years than he can remember Paul Hakes was Mick Cookson's strong right arm until four years ago when he was enticed down to Wellington to build the Bakewell-White 100ft maxi Zana, now Konica Minolta. Since building Stewart Thwaites' maxi boat Hakes Marine has been busy during the last America's Cup working for Team New Zealand, Luna Rossa and Le Defi. "We built new sidedecks for both their broken boat and shipped them up to Auckland and fitting them. Then there was the German boat, GER78, that was built over in Germany. I was the Project Manager and Killian [Bushe] was my chief boat builder. I was the one who stayed on and packed the shed up which was a shame because it was all finished..." Hakes Marine also built the new bow during the last Cup for Prada - 10 days to build half an America's Cup boat as Hakes recalls with both persplexed and amused expression, as well as some secret appendages for Le Defi. "They put this thing on - something very special and secret - and it worked so well that the boat was out of control for half a day so they took it out and went ‘that’s amazing - we’ll take it off and save it for next time!” So that might rear its head this time round. The French also get 100% government subsidies for any foil work - a technological subsidy from the government," he says. Another nice contract Hakes Marine also have is with the New Zealand Symphony Orchestra to build custom carbon fibre cases for their double basses to replace the heavyweight aluminium flight cases. "We developed the shape to what they wanted, with rebates for wheels and handles and catches and we worked closely with their roadies who move the