Mohr replaces Dickson

BMW Oracle make the last move to stay in the Louis Vuitton Cup

Sunday May 20th 2007, Author: BMW Oracle Racing, Location: none selected
Sten Mohr, the Danish BMW ORACLE Racing B boat helmsman, is to replace Chris Dickson at the wheel of USA 98 for today’s sixth and possibly final Louis Vuitton Cup semi-final match against Luna Rossa Challenge.

Gavin Brady will take the role of tactician and skipper. Dickson will not be aboard USA 98. The team has always built the sailing squad on the basis that there are two people for every position on the boat and it was felt necessary to bring some fresh blood in off the bench.

"We brought our best package into the semi-finals, but we have not achieved the results we were hoping for, so in my capacity as CEO I fully support any moves that will give us a chance to win,” said Dickson. “We are a fighting team and will never give up. To be 4-1 down is a tough situation, but there are still points up for grabs and we are going to go out there and fight for them.”

Sten Mohr joined the team in 2006 as a testing helmsman and as a sparring partner for Dickson for the intense program of in-house racing. Mohr is a highly experienced match racer, who reached No. 1 in the world rankings in 1999.

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