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Latest Golden Gate Yacht Club proposal

Friday November 16th 2007, Author: Jane Eagleson, Location: none selected
The latest from the Golden Gate Yacht Club:

A majority of challengers in the next America’s Cup have formally joined with the Golden Gate Yacht Club to urge Alinghi to accept a joint proposal covering all outstanding points on the rules so that the event can go ahead in 2009.

In a settlement offer signed by four syndicates sent to Alinghi yesterday, GGYC confirmed it would drop its court case immediately if Alinghi accepts the proposal which had been worked out with the challengers.

“To get to this point we have made further big compromises. In particular, we have now dropped our call for two-boat testing, which Alinghi had cited as their major concern. We are confident this proposal deals with all outstanding points,” Tom Ehman, GGYC’s spokesman said.

The challengers and GGYC are urgently asking Alinghi to accept this offer as the basis for the event going ahead.

The letter to Alinghi is below:

Letter to Alinghi 15 Nov 07 - 5 pages.pdf

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