Legal update

BMW Oracle Racing spokesman Tom Ehman gives us his views
All quiet on the legal front? BMW Oracle Racing/Golden Gate Yacht Club spokeman Tom Ehman brings us up to date in this audio interview. In part one Ehman tells us what he thinks might happen with the appeal and why BMW Oracle Racing reckon that the 33rd America's Cup will take place in March next year. However he shies away from answering our questions about whether their boat will be 90ft wide and what the design constraints of Alinghi's multihull might be. Click here to listen to this . In part two, we ask Tom Ehman, who has been involved with the Cup for a while, including a pivotal role with the San Diego Yacht Club in 1988, about how they might change the America's Cup if they won and whether or not there should be a central organising body for the event that exists consistently from event to event regardless of the winner. Ehman holds 'mutual consent' up as the golden challice but this still doesn't solve the issue that the defender always wants what's best for them, which (not surprisingly) the challengers also want for themselves - ie positions that are decidedly poles apart. Click here to listen to this .