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The latest from the Ecover Half Ton Classics Cup in Belgium

Thursday August 27th 2009, Author: Bert Janssen, Location: United Kingdom
On Thursday the halftonners have been sailing the Radio Holland races, incorporated in the Ecover Half Ton Classics Cup. As during the previous day the wind picked up during the day, timidly at the beginning, but at the start of the third race the anemometers were indicating 20+ knots southwesterly winds. The morning clouds persisted until midday, but from 12.00 the sun arranged yet again for perfect sailing conditions. One even had the feeling that Nieuwpoort was in the Mediterranean…

Race favourite General Tapioca claimed the first win of the day, but only with 4 second margin over second placed Hullabaloo XV… With Per Elisa only managing a 5th place, this strengthened General Tapioca's overall lead. The German team on Zick Zack finished third.

In the second race the biggest surprise came from the German series entry Strolch, a well sailed Albin Ballad: they claimed second place, one minute astern of the incredible Hullabaloo XV, but 24 second ahead of General Tapioca. Unfortunately Ballerine, sailing with expert help of Andre Nelis at the helm, blew up their 17-year old mainsail, and abandoned after finishing the second race. Thanks to the help of the Irish on King One, who had a spare main available, Ballerine will be able to sail on Friday. Now that’s Half Ton spirit!

With the wind increasing at the start of race 3 the team on Waverider were determined to add another first to their scoring. Right from the start of the short coastal race they were with the frontrunners General Tapioca and Per Elisa, both with a significantly higher rating. Maintaining their position during the race and fighting hard, they finished in third position, only seconds before the Irish on King One. In corrected time however Waverider managed to beat General Tapioca by a margin of 9 seconds. Hullabaloo XV again lived up in the fresh winds and realized a third place at 33 seconds from the race winner.

Day 3 overall results:

1. General Tapioca (BEL ) – 6 pts
2. Hullabaloo XV (GBR) – 6 pts
3. Skippy’s Ton (BEL) – 16 pts
4. Waverider (BEL) – 18 pts
5. Per Elisa (GBR) – 20 pts

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