Young blades

We look at how Torvar Mirsky and Adam Minoprio came to be on the World Match Racing Tour
One of the key strengths of the World Match Racing Tour is its ability to propel some of the top young talent up the match racing ladder. In recent years we have seen this with Bahrain Team Pindar’s Ian Williams. But the latest young blades of the Tour are both Antipodeans – Perth-based 23 year old Torvar Mirsky and Auckland’s Adam Minoprio, 24. Even though they both come from Down Under there are significant differences in how they came to get on the Tour. In France for example there are at least three nationally or regionally funded match race centres that have spawned the likes of Sebastien Col and Mathieu Richard. In Australia, Mirsky says there is none of this. “I think in Perth we just all have a good understanding of sailing as a community, so we all do windsurfing, surfing, sailing - all the watersports lifestyle is quite prominent there and there are a lot of sailors who develop there. It is not like we have the best building blocks for it – we don’t have the structure there with match racing centres and so on, but the actual people themselves get together and get really good at it - that is how our team came about.” If you are wondering about Mirsky’s lineage, his mother is all-Australia but his father is half Swedish, half Russian He explains: “Torvar is Scandinavian-ish and Mirsky is Russian – so it shows my origins, except that I haven’t come across another Torvar anywhere and I have been to most of Scandinavia!” Mirsky doesn’t come from a sailing family but living in Fremantlem near the sailing club it was inevitable that he would be exposed to it. He started sailing when he was 10 in the Fremantle Sailing Club Mirror fleet and was in