The nuts and bolts of the Monsoon Cup

America's Cup legend and businessman Peter Gilmour on how to set up a yachting event from scratch
At the 2008 World Yacht Racing Forum, America's Cup legend, Peter Gilmour was fresh into Monaco from winning the Monsoon Cup in Malaysia, the showcase event of the World Match Racing Tour, which he was also instrumental in setting up with local entrepreneur Patrick Lim. Here are some extracts from the Gillie's speech - the full 100,000 transcript from the 2008 World Yacht Racing Forum including the whole of this speech and some of our man's PowerPoint present is now available for the measly sum of £75 from here: The Monsoon Cup itself, was an event that was literally developed out of the idea from the Prime Minister of the nation. Malaysia was putting in an enormous amount of effort in promoting the country with its Malaysia - Truly Asia. In its 50th year of independence last year in 2007, advertising and promoting itself all over the world. And it wanted to connect itself somehow with a sporting event. The Monsoon Cup has become the second most prominent sporting event in the country behind the Formula 1 now, as a national treasure. It also has helped to stimulate real growth in Kuala Terengganu and in the state of Terengganu, which has just been slowly advancing and growing. We came up with the entire master plan for this event site. In fact James Pleasance, your event organiser here at the World Yacht Racing Forum, in a former life he was the Marketing Director for the World Match Racing Tour, he came out with me to this island and we walked over it with Patrick Lim [mastermind of the project – and who also spoke at the World Yacht Racing Forum 2008] – and it was a rubbish dump. It was completely covered in rubbish and James laughed at me and said