Revitalising the Farr 30

Class President Deneen Demourkas tells all and of her 2010 Tour Voile plans
One of the surprise faces to see at the World Yacht Racing Forum in Monaco earlier this month was that of the bombshell of the Farr 30 (nee Mumm) Class, Deneen Demourkas. Heralding from Santa Barbara, CA, Demourkas and her husband John have been cutting a swath through the Farr 40 and 30 classes with their Groovederci campaigns since they bought their first Farr 40 almost a decade ago. More often and not these days John and Deneen sail apart, John continuing on the Farr 40 circuit while his wife’s preference is for the nimbler and more exciting 30 - although at the Farr 40 Worlds in Miami last year they competed against each other. "I love sailing the boat," says Deneen of the 30. "It is just a lot of fun to sail: It is quick, it is exciting, it is scary, it is everything - an all-round solid boat. I like sailing the 40, but the difference is that what makes the 40 really I believe is the class. It is not the most exciting boat in the world to sail, but it has got a really solid group of owners, top talent, good competition – that is the attraction of the 40. The 30 is its own animal." Sadly the Farr 30 Class has been on the wane and Deneen reckons this has been the case for the last five years or so. However recently some fundamental changes to the management of the Class have taken place, which she hopes will revitalise racing for her favourite boat. "I’ve been pushing for change within the class for the last three years," she recounts. "What ended up happening was complete frustration and I decided to stop sailing. Then in the middle of the summer I got