On the brink? Part 2

Sir Peter Ogden, Andres Soriano, Roger Sturgeon, Hap Fauth and Wolfgang Schutz give their views on the Mini Maxi class
This article follows on from part 1 here Sir Peter Ogden, Jethou , Judel-Vrolijk IRC 60 One of the newest members of the Mini Maxi owners club, is ex-Morgan Stanley MD and Computacenter CEO, Sir Peter Ogden, who this year replaced his beloved Swan 601 Spirit of Jethou with the new Judel-Vrolijk IRC 60, Jethou (Jethou being the Channel Island Ogden owns) built, as Ran 2 was, by Green Marine in Lymington. “It is a relatively new class so it is good to be early into it and obviously the boats are very exciting boats to sail,” Ogden says of the Mini Maxi class. “And the owners are quite a nice group of people. We all seem to get on and chat - on shore it is not that vicious! I am very keen on the owner-driver rule – there is some debate in the group about how that might modify, but that was one of the reasons for my choosing the Mini-Maxi: because it was an owner-driver class.” Ogden reckons how to solve the pro/amateur driver issue could run and run, as it will be impossible to get unanimous agreement one way or the other. “There are some principles which are straightforward – we all want to race together, we all want to go around the same race track…” Although the only event to be attended class-wide (as is the case this year) may be Maxi Yacht Rolex Cup 2010. Ogden is very very keen on the Mediterranean inshore circuit, but seems set to push this to doing Giraglia and the Middle Sea, albeit latter next year and not this. He says they might even sail the Newport-Bermuda. “We also want to encourage more people to come into the class. We’d also like clarity of rules. We get things like ‘should we let