The value of sailing sponsorship

Ulrich Lacher on TV analysis of the major yacht racing events
One of the most important part of the World Yacht Racing Forum was the session entitled ‘learning the value of sailing sponsorship – how effective is the return?’. For this some heavyweight sports marketeers and sponsors made presentations, including Riccardo Simoneschi, best known as a Star sailor and skipper of the Audi Q8 TP52 but also a sports marketing expert in Italy; Annemarie Meyer from UBS, who who the giant sponsorship for UBS with Alinghi during the last America’s Cup; sponsor Andrew Pindar and Ulrich Lacher who’s company IFM Sports analyses TV and media figures from sporting events. Annemarie Meyer pointed out that if the media market wasn’t there, it had to be created or at least the seeds sown so that it could grow - hence why the Inside Alinghi TV programme was created for Eurosport. Riccardo Simoneschi made the valuable point that in pitching sailing it was better to consider ‘Return on Objectives’ (ROO) rather than the more normal ‘Return on Investment’ and went out to spell out why this was the case. The general message was that when pitching to sponsors, it is now no longer good enough to make pitches with a nice Powerpoint presentation and bristling with enthusiasm. These days marketing executives demand to know hard numbers, in particular TV viewing figures. The man with the man with the answers, or at least some answers, in this respect was Ulrich Lacher. Here are some parts of Lacher’s presentation: “I am going to start with a brief introduction of what we do. We are the biggest and most successful media research company in the world of sports. All we do is sports. We don’t do any other media evaluations. We have got offices in virtually every part of the globe and we have developed a number of