Speed sailing in Douarnanez

Various classes and kiteboards to show their skill in one month's time

Monday March 31st 2008, Author: James Boyd, Location: United Kingdom
With 30 days to go before the curtain goes up for the Petit Navire Grand Prix, the organisers are working hard to prepare the event. Douarnenez will be enjoying ten days of special events. In the bay, traditional boats and racing boats will be seen alongside kitesurfers, with a lot to see at sea and a great number of activities ashore.

All the colours in the world

The arrival of the Kitesurfers in Douarnenez is always an event. The presence of their multi-coloured sails out on the water remains a unique sight. No fewer than 100 of these crazy fliers will be lining up at the start of the European Kite Championships. Competitors come from Holland, Spain and from all four corners of France. They are aged between 15 and 50 and all share the same passion. The Petit Navire Grand Prix offers them an exceptional playground to show their skills. The best will be lining up for the start off Sables Blancs Beach, including a large contingent from the French speed saling team, led by Bruno Sroka (multiple French champion and world racing champion), Caroline Adrien, Hélène Barrière, Julien Kerneur as well as Fabienne d'Ortoli.

There will also be some top names from abroad, like the Spanish champion and the Dutch speed champion. Alex Caizergue, the speed record holder (47.92 knots) will also be attending, as will Sylvain Hoceini and Agnès Fontenay. If you are looking for innovation, you can count on this team of riders. This year, the surprise is likely to be an amazing machine - a foil sailed by two riders from the Carafino team. The device is sailed one metre above the surface of the water...

And that is not all

The Petit Navire Grand Prix means sailing, sport, sea events, extreme sports, passion, tradition, innovation but also voluntary work, onshore events, a chance to discover our heritage... You will certainly not be bored on dry land either.

Port Rhu will be offering the opportunity to find out a little more about the jobs of yesteryear, fish smoking, the manufacture of tools from the past... In addition, visitors will be able to discover boatbuilding, in particular the construction of a 1920s crayfish boat that a team of enthusiasts have been busy at work on since 2001.

As night falls, the boat 'graveyard' in Port Rhu will be lit up.

On Sables Blanc Beach, where the kite sailors will set off from, several events will also be organised on land. Sand castle competitions in conjunction with Hénaff pâté, shopping with the Sooruz boutique, the tasting of Petit Navire products, home-made crêpes and other refreshments.

The programme

25-29 April: IMOCA 60s, Class40 and Minis

26 April to 3 May: Dragons

28-30 April: Optimists

1-4 May: European Kite Crossing Championships

3-4 May, open days in Port Rhu

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