Environmental assault

Le Defi's Tim Kroger described to James Boyd Saturday's encounter with Greenpeace
Following Le Defi Areva's encounter with Greenpeace on Saturday, when a RIB rammed the side of the team's brand new FRA-69 at 15 knots the day after her christening, crewman Tim Kroger was still incensed when he spoke to madfor sailing. "For me it is really really shocking," expounded the German offshore sailor, who last year took French nationality to join Le Defi. "I am more than disappointed with the way Greenpeace and these activists are operating. I am more than shocked, because I always really rated the way Greenpeace operated to save the environment. The way they acted was unbelievable - on purpose, full speed, they were ramming our boat." If this incident made Kroger and the rest of the team furious, then he says the disinformation campaign carried out by Greenpeace subsequent to the incident has pushed the team to the brink. "What really shocked me was the way they do their media work. They said that one of OUR boats has pushed their rubber dinghy into the America's Cup Class boat, but the images on television they tell a different story. They do their circling with the police boat, then they see the gap in the travel lift bay and you see the guy on the rubber dinghy pointing with a finger towards the gap and telling the girl who was driving 'GO GO GO' - you can see this - and they were going straight for it and hit us. "They wanted to make us responsible for them driving into our boat. And that is the meanest propaganda and disinformation you can do and that is better than Mr Honecker and Mr Goebbels have ever done. It is full-on disinformation, and that pissed me off big time and makes me very, very angry. People that act like that