Big Sunday affects keelboats

A report from last weekend's Red Funnell Cowes Keelboat championships

Wednesday June 11th 2003, Author: James Boyd, Location: United Kingdom
Weather contrast between Saturday and Sunday was the key feature of the third Red Funnel Cowes Keelboat Championship last weekend, run under the burgee of the
Royal London Yacht Club.

Light winds were the hallmark of the Saturday racing with all fleets run on the same course to the east of Bramble Bank. 

The Etchells class was dominated by world champion Stuart Childerley who pulled out a two minute lead from Bushfire in Race 1 which lasted over 65 minutes and a reduced 45 second lead over Mtu Moja Na Umbwa (N. Razmilovic) in race 2, demonstrating a catch up improvement in a similar elapsed time race. 

In the Daring Class the first three places were shared by Dionysus, Darius and Decoy in both races with Dionysus taking a three-minutes lead in Race 1 over Darius. Race 2 was won by Decoy.  

In the International Dragon Class no one boat dominated the racing but  Aimee provided the most consistent performance of the day with a first and a second, with Supremacy taking first place in Race 1.

The International Sonar Class the honours went to Geronimo in Race 2 and new boat 698 sailed by veteran Flying 15 sailor John McIntosh in Race 1.

Sunday’s racing was beset by a ridiculous increase in wind speed from Force 4 to Force 7 in a period of just over one hour, way earlier than forecast. 

Boats were sent to the same starting area as Saturday before the wind increased.   Subsequently, a hasty retreat to the confines of Osborne Bay enabled one shortened race to be achieved before the crews started to vote with their feet which lead race committee to abandon the racing. 

In the one race that did take place in a reduced Etchells fleet, due to boat preservation worries ahead of the forthcoming National Championship in Christchurch Bay the following week,  Swedish Blue won and Darius in the Daring fleet Darius finally secured revenge on her main rivals with a well deserved 1st place. 

Prudence got the better of the Dragon fleet with several boats retiring in the prevailing wind conditions leaving Aimee to score her second first place of an eventful weekend.

Saturday, Race 1: 
1 Mandolin Reign (S. Childerley), 2 Bushfire  (J.
Tilly), 3  Swedish Blue (A. Razmilovic).
Race 2
1 Mandolin Reign, 2 Mtu Moja Na Umbwa  (N.
Razmilovic), 3 Swedish Blue.
Sunday, Race 1
1 Swedish Blue.
Race 2 Abandoned

SaturdayRace 1: 
1 Dionysus (B.B. Huber, A.F. de Courcy Ling, J.P.
Goodwin), 2 Darius (T.P. Parr, CC Caws MA Dunleavy,
CSV Kenyon), 3 Decoy (A H P Norton, D J H Chaplin, J T
B Goodwin).
Race 2
1 Decoy, 2 Dionysus, 3 Darius.
Race 1
1 Darius, 2 Decoy, 3 Dauntless (G.A. Peckham, P.
I.Porter, M.B. Carver).
Race 2 Abandoned

Saturday Race 1 
1 Supremacy, 2 Aimee, 3 Chaotic  (J E Williams).
Race 2
1 Aimee, 2 Chaotic, 3 618.
Race 1
1 Aimee, 2 Chaotic, 3 666.
Race 2 Abandoned

Saturday Race 1
1 698 (J. McIntosh), 2 Geronimo (J. Day), 3 Biscuit.
Race 2
1 Geronimo, 2 698, 3 Biscuit.

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