First blood for Nokia

Olssen beaten in Round Lidingö Race

Saturday May 10th 2003, Author: Nina Thelander, Location: Scandinavia
The 60-feet trimaran Nokia was the fastest boat in the Round Lidingö Race, merely a minute ahead of the other trimaran, GORE-TEX. It was a victory for skipper Stefan Myrälf, over Swede Magnus Olsson.

Clear blue skies and a light breeze proved ideal conditions for a close race. But far from perfect conditions for beating the speed record of 1 hour and 4 minutes. Instead, Nokia’s winning time was 1 hour and 30 minutes.

"The wind direction was wrong for being able to beat the 10-year-old speed record. But we are delighted to be first over the finishing line and to win the Spear, which is the Throphy for the fastest boat in Round Lidingö Race," said Stefan Myrälf.

But it was close Nokia missed the victory. Stefan Myrälf went on the wrong side of the finish buoy and after him came GORE-TEX thundering in 22 knots. But Magnus Olsson also missed the finish line and both trimarans were forced to do an extra turn.

"We let them win! We thought it was a pity to take the victory from them just because they missed the finishing line," said Magnus Olsson laughing, but admits that he didn’t see the finishing line either. If he had had the chance he would gladly have taken the victory from Nokia.

"They are better prepared than us. We made some both lengthy and tactical mistakes that became decisive. But we are getting there. Give us some more time and we will give them a round," he added.

GORE-TEX led from the start but at the Fjäderholm rock Nokia gybed first while Magnus Olsson choose to proceed further before gybing. This cost Olsson about 0,3 nautical miles - a lead GORE-TEX never regained.

In the GORE-TEX crew there were a few people that Magnus Olsson had never sailed with. One of them was multisporter and Camp Molloy-winner Natasha Westling.

"She is a great sailing talent. We are happy to take her on, but she needs a bit more muscles. It takes a lot of strength on a trimaran. We have for example asked our sponsors, Accenture, they should supply us with their strongest and biggest employee," said Magnus Olsson.

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