Christian Fevrier comments...

Further thoughts from France's top yachting photo-journalist on the Greenpeace-Le Defi incident
Since their attack on Le Defi on Saturday, Greenpeace has tried to play 'not guilty' in the French media. After the incident in Lorient, a spokesman from Greenpeace claimed: "Our Zodiac was harpooned by another inflatable boat from Le Defi which acted like a coastguard. In this manoeuvre, our boat hit the hull of Areva.". And today, in the French newspaper Liberation, Bruno Rebelle, General Director of Greenpeace, tells another lie. He writes: " This incident is due to the brutality of the Areva crew". Prior to the incident Greenpeace claimed their intention was to get on to the pontoon not far from the Areva ACC yacht and erect a Greenpeace flag in protest. However at the time the boat was under the crane ready to be hoisted. For the christening ceremony on Friday night and the proposed first sailing on the Saturday, the authorities had imposed a 'no-go' zone for all boats off the Le Defi Areva compound. The Greenpeace boats ignored this no-go zone and entered it with kayaks, dinghies and RIBs. The maritime marshalls had been not aggressive at all on Friday evening for the christening and in the morning of Saturday, when Areva was supposed to have her first sail and participate in a parade down Lorient harbour in the company of many thousand yachtsmen. There was no Marine Commandos from the French Navy present on the water. Greenpeace had promised a "passive protest" to the Lorient officials. At the time of the incident, more than 100 journalists were watching the dock from approximately 150 meters away. What we saw was a Greenpeace RIB, with four men on board, playing a game of cat and mouse for a few minutes with the coastguards' RIB. At the time they were 30 metres from Areva. Suddenly, after a