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TeamOrigin CEO, Mike SandersonTeamOrigin CEO, Mike Sanderson
Mike Sanderson on the Louis Vuitton Trophy Auckland, the AC34 and a Tp52 launching tomorrow
Possibly not the best day to be talking with TeamOrigin CEO Mike Sanderson following their terrible double race loss earlier today. “We had an action packed day, it would be fair to say,” states Moose en route for his bed. “I summed it up in our debrief: ‘it’s amazing how when you drop a piece of toast on some days it is always going to land with the peanut butter, or whatever it is, on the floor. That was the sort of day we had for some reason. But we have another life line tomorrow and we have to use it.” While TeamOrigin’s losses to Mascalzone Latino Audi Team and then their epic multi-lead change, multi-penalty dust up with Artemis left them in sixth place with just three wins on the scoreboard, there is a peculiar elimination round due to take place tomorrow. The overall format we understand is called the MacIntyre System (named after Ken McIntyre who developed it for Australian Rugby tournaments in the 1930s). The round robin just sailed is used to determine the ranking through the remaining stages of the event. Tomorrow in Elimination Round One the competitors sail a ‘sudden death’ knockout series, using the round robin rankings so 1st v 8th, 2nd v 7th, etc. Thus in sixth place TeamOrigin go up against third placed All4One (who they beat in the round robin). However, the two highest ranked (using the RR ranking) teams that win their matches in this round will advance directly to the semi finals while the two lowest ranked teams (using the RR ranking) that lose these matches are eliminated. The remaining four go through to Elimination Round Two where they are again paired up as per the RR order and similarly compete for the two remaining semi -final berths, with the winner from each pair