2010 Rolex Commodores' Cup progress report

Kurt Arrigo / ROLEX
10-12 teams including a new one from South Africa and some hot shots from Hong Kong expected
It’s April and traditionally this is the time of year we should be showing an interest in one of the premier events being held in the UK this summer. In fact the pressure is off slightly as the date for 2010 Rolex Commodores’ Cup, the RORC’s Admiral’s Cup-lite for Corinthian crews, has been moved on from its normal June-July position in the calendar to 15-21 August. “I really think that moving to August will give it a firm status,” states Rear Commodore of the RORC, Anthony O’Leary, who is competing once again with the Irish team on board his Ker 39, Antix. “It was very crammed in its previous date and it was only half way through the season. A lot of people said that they would like to make it the pinnacle of the season because that is the status it deserves and it achieves that by being in August. It is very hard running a Corinthian team if you are sailing every weekend from April until July, which was the case previously. At least now you can take some breaks and pick the times to peak.” At this stage, with entries not due to close until 12 July, the RORC reckon there are 10-12 teams preparing at present. The largest entry looks set to be from France and according to owner Marc Alperovitch, the UNCL/FFV is currently putting together three to four of the three boat teams. The UK at present may only be able to muster two or three teams. A problem, it seems, has been in finding willing owners to fill the big boat slots. Aware of this in December the RORC lowered the rating band of this slot and now boats with IRC ratings from 1.230 to 1.110 (down from 1.120) are permissible. “That is the state of the economy,”