GP42s split from Audi MedCup

New circuit planned for 2011

Wednesday September 15th 2010, Author: Dobbs Davis, Location: Spain

Following the announcement in July of their plans to go with a bowsprit for 2011, so the GP42 Class have made some dramatic the 2011 racing season, and beyond including a split with the Audi MedCup.

In an effort to maximize participation and interest for next year, the class has decided to announce its 2011 season championship schedule. This is to both attract previous GP42 teams back to class racing, as well as to attract new teams interested in the class.

An early commitment made by the GP42 owners will help event organisers in their planning, as well as to give the class a strong hand in pursuing potential sponsorship opportunities.

The choice of events will be made based on a variety of criteria, including:
- prestige of the regatta and its organization
- its excellence in race management;
- suitable locations for all participating teams
- press and media coverage

Venues currently under consideration include:
- Capri (ITA)
- Palma (ESP)
- Porto Cervo (ITA)
- Valencia (ESP)

Other venues and events are also under consideration.

“We are excited to make this firm commitment to the 2011 season,” said GP42 Class President Javier Goizueta. “The Audi MedCup has been fantastic for us, but we look forward to expand class racing to new and exciting racing venues.”

In addition to the season schedule options, confirmation was made of rule changes discussed at the previous class meeting in Barcelona:
- bowsprit allowed
- reduction of crew weight to 720 kg
- new sail limits (1 main, 3 jibs, 2 spinnakers, 1 staysail & 1 free sail)
- no outside assistance allowed while racing
- square-head mains are under consideration
- once approved, no further rule changes made until after December 2013

Furthermore, proposals have been submitted by the Comar, Longitud Cero, and Marine Composite boatyards to offer a series-produced GP42 design to be available for lower cost than comparable custom-built designs.

“These changes will help make the GP42’s even higher performance while limiting costs,” said GP42 Class Manager Paolo Massarini. “These changes are also made to help include boats into the class who are currently racing outside the MedCup.”

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