Robertson edges ahead

Young Kiwi blade overhauls Chris Dickson at the Telecom New Zealand Match Racing Championship

Friday November 19th 2010, Author: Kelly Gilkison, Location: New Zealand

Phil Robertson had a outstanding day with 8 wins from 8 races to end day 2 with a 3 point advantage over his nearest rivals in the Telecom New Zealand Match Racing Championships , assuring him of first place and choosing rights for the semi-finals.

“I’m rapt with the position we are in tonight. We had some fantastic close racing out there today. I thought we’d lost the first match of the 2nd round robin to Will Tiller as he had a big lead on us but still had a penalty turn to do. He did that on the finish, but they couldn’t get the kite down and so we passed them on the finish line. We had a penalty in our match against Reuben (Corbett) but managed to lose that on the 2nd upwind leg and still come out on top, so yes, I’m very happy with today’s results.”

While yesterday’s racing was tame by comparison, today’s racing was spectacular. An easterly breeze of 13-15 knots swung to the north after the first flight resulting in numerous mark changes, keeping Race Officer Megan Kensington and her team on their toes. The umpires were also kept busy with an active day on the waters of the Waitemata Harbour.

“Better wind conditions and the end of the round robins meant the sailors were a lot more aggressive today. As a result there were some flag filled races” noted US Chief Umpire Jeff Borland.

With only 2 more flights in the second Round Robin, the remaining 3 spots for the semi-finals are all up for grabs. Royal Port Nicholson Yacht Club skipper Josh Junior ends the day on 10 points, but with Chris Dickson, Reuben Corbett and William Tiller, all on 8 points, it is all to play for tomorrow. One of these 4 skippers will miss out on that all important ticket to the semi-final. Tiller has raced one extra race and starts tomorrow’s racing with a bye, so his one race must count. Tiller can only hope for an upset amongst his competition to gift him that semi-final slot.

Racing continues tomorrow, Saturday with the final 2 flights of Round Robin 2.

Remaining matches of Round Robin 2
Flight Eight
Pooley v Corbett
Dickson v Park
Robertson v Junior
Osborne v Wood
Tiller BYE

Flight Nine
Tiller v Pooley
Park v Corbett
Dickson v Junior
Wood v Robertson
Osborne BYE


Flight Seven
Pooley beat Dickson by 6s
Junior beat Park by 57s
Wood beat Tiller by 13s
Robertson beat Osborne by 13s
Corbett BYE

Flight Six
Junior beat Pooley by 19s
Robertson beat Park by 35s
Tiller beat Osborne DSQ
Corbett beat Wood by 43s
Dickson BYE

Flight Five
Pooley beat Park by 1 min 16s
Dickson beat Wood by 22s
Robertson beat Tiller by 4s
Corbett beat Osborne by 24s
Junior BYE

Flight Four
Robertson beat Pooley by 2s
Wood beat Junior by 25s
Dickson beat Osborne by 26s
Corbett beat Tiller by 24s
Park BYE

Flight Three
Osborne beat Park by 42s
Junior beat Tiller by 1s
Wood beat Pooley by 26s
Corbett beat Dickson by 12s
Robertson BYE

Flight Two
Corbett beat Junior by 1 min 12s
Osborne beat Pooley by 6s
Tiller beat Park by 51s
Robertson beat Dickson by 24s
Wood BYE

Flight One
Robertson beat Corbett by 33s
Tiller beat Dickson by 13s
Junior beat Osborne by 42s
Wood beat Park by 40s
Pooley BYE

Flight Nine – RR1
Robertson beat Corbett by 46s
Wood beat Park by 38s
Junior beat Osborne by 1 min 16s
Dickson beat Tiller by 25s
Pooley BYE

Flight Eight – RR1
Corbett beat Junior by 12s
Robertson beat Dickson by 17s
Tiller beat Park by 29s
Pooley beat Osborne by 18s
Wood BYE

Current Standing (End of Flight Seven RR2)
Robertson 13 wins/1 loss
Junior 10/4
Corbett 8/6
Dickson 8/6
Tiller 8/7
Wood 7/7
Pooley 5/9
Osborne 3/12
Park 2/12

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