AC72 rule amended

Maximum number of wingsails reduced

Friday February 25th 2011, Author: Jane Eagleson, Location: none selected

America’s Cup competitors this week amended the AC72 class rule, the design rule that will govern the development of the Cup class wing-sailed catamarans for the 34th America’s Cup and the America’s Cup World Series events in 2012.

The rule had been introduced in October and was modified this week following recommendations from the Measurement Committee and reflected the unanimous support of the Competitor Forum that represents all entered teams.

The single most notable change is the reduction of the number of wing masts required, simplifying design and logistics as well as saving time and costs. Initially the rule called for both a small and large wing.

“We have already learned a lot about the performance of the next generation of America’s Cup boats from the initial sea trials of the AC 45 in New Zealand,” said Iain Murray, Regatta Director and ACRM CEO.

“With teams already working on their ultimate America’s Cup designs of the AC 72, all agreed that one wing size of up to 40m (131ft) could be raced across the wind range. This also allows for more efficient logistics with only wing size rather than two different size rigs. This is a good example of the teams working together to improve efficiencies and reduce costs for all competitors.”

The number of rigs per team was reduced from eight wing-spar sections to six. The resulting efficiency will result in significant cost savings.

The updated Class Rule now is available here

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