New one design for the Audi MedCup

Jesus Renedo /
We have a crawl around the new Soto 40
Aside from a new array of turboed TP52s for the Audi MedCup this year, the new kid on the block is the South American designed and built Soto 40 of which there are five racing here in Cascais. This strict one design replaces the GP42, which like the TP52 is a box rule boat and probably not the right vessel to be an ‘introduction’ to the MedCup given the recent depressed economic climate. According to Audi MedCup Technical Director Nacho Postigo at the beginning of last season they had a meeting with the GP42 class and it became evident that no new boats were likely to be built. This they further confirmed by talking to the lead design houses and builders. As Postigo describes it: “There were plenty of people who wanted a turn-key solution. They didn’t want a project manager and didn’t want to talk to a designer or a yard to customise their boat. If they wanted to do that they would go for a TP52. So we decided that even if it wasn’t our preferred philosophy, why not make the little class a one design?” Originally the Soto 40 was one choice of three, the others being the new Harry Dunning-designed McConaghy 38 and a new 39 footer they commissioned the design for from Marcellino Botin, to be built by Mick Cookson, which Postigo describes as being like a “mini –Team New Zealand TP52”. However the Soto 40 won out because it was a contemporary boat with an existing fleet in South America and with a yard that could build them quickly. “There were existing boats, like Patagonia, that could join the fleet and that would be easier rather than starting from scratch and trying to find five, six, seven owners to buy new boats,” explains Postigo. Typically in South