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Louis Vuitton Cup format announced

Fleet racing and two round robins to precede semi-finals

Sunday July 3rd 2011, Author: James Boyd, Location: United States

Iain Murray, Regatta Director for the 34th America's Cup has announced the finalised schedule for the 34th America's Cup, and the Louis Vuitton Cup challenger selection series beforehand. This has been agreed between Murray and the Challengers who are entitled to vote.

The start of the Louis Vuitton Cup has been moved forward from 14 July 2013 to 4 July. The format will see all the challenger competing in the first three stages of the competition:

Series 1 will comprise four fleet races, each race scoring 10 points for the  winner, 6 points for second place, 2 points for third place. No points are awarded for subsequent places.

Series 2 will be a round robin match race series. The winner of each race will score 10 points, the loser no points.

Series 3 will again be a round robin match race series. The winner of each race will  score 12 points, the loser no points.

The cumulative scores from these three series will determine the top four teams which will then progress to the semi-finals. Here the highest-placed challenger will race the fourth placed challenger, while the second-placed challenger shall race the third-place
challenger. With each race win scoring one point, the winner of each series shall be the first challenger to score four points. The winner of each Semi Final series will progress to the Final series.

The Final will consist of a match race series with the winner being the first Challenger to score five points. Each race win scores one point.

The winner of the Final and the Louis Vuitton Cup will progress onto the match for the 34th America’s Cup.

New schedule for 2013:
4 July - Opening ceremony
5-7 July - Fleet racing
13-14 July - Louis Vuitton Cup Series 1
17-21 July - Louis Vuitton Cup Series 2
27-29 July, 1-4 August - Louis Vuitton Cup Series 3
10-18 August - Louis Vuitton Cup semi-finals
23 August-1 September - Louis Vuitton Cup finals
7-22 September - America's Cup

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