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Dominant Danish women

As Lysekil Women’s Match sets sail in Sweden

Tuesday August 2nd 2011, Author: James Boyd, Location: Sweden

Two Danish sailors have taken command of the Lysekil Women’s Match: Trine Abrahamsen and Camilla Ulrikkeholm are both undefeated with four victories each, topping the scoreboard. Swedes Karin Hagström and Linda Rahm are also on four victories each, but have two losses to add to that total.

"It was really good for us to start the event with six straight matches, winning four of them," said Karin Hagström. "We’re having great fun on board and we think it’s fun to race with these a slightly larger boats, having all the spectators so close to us during the matches as here in Lysekil."

The boats used in Lysekil, a small town on the Swedish west coast, are the Danish DS 37s, the match race boat most regularly used at events throughout Scandinavia. It demands a crew of six, twice the number of the Olympic Elliott that many of the crew have had to adapt to recently.

Hagström has been out of the match racing circuit for one and a half years, now beating fellow Swede Linda Rahm in the first match of her comeback. Rahm is still sailing with the same crew as when she won the Lysekil Women’s Match in 2008: "Of course it’s an advantage to be such a coordinated team as we are, but all the other crews will definitely have their time to catch up with us during the week," Rahm comments. "We are aiming to keep our position in the top four, in order to reach the semi finals later this week, she continues, telling us about her strategy. We are extremely focused during the races, but then seeking shade, drinking a lot of water and relaxing between the matches."

Australian Nicole Souter became a world champion in match racing in Lysekil 2009, and after the first day of racing she is on two wins and two losses, holding fifth place on the scoreboard: "We need a little more time in these boats to improve our results. I’m still not used to the boats since I haven’t sailed them since 2009," she laughs.

Meanwhile American Stephanie Roble has the same score, sharing fifth place with Souter: "Manoeuvring in the pre start situations is slower in these boats than in the Tom 28:s at my home waters in Chicago," she agrees. "It’s going to be a tough week, but we’ll do our best."

Leaderbord in Lysekil Women’s Match 2011 after the first day of racing:
1. Camilla Ulrikkeholm, DEN, 4 wins – 0 losses
1. Trine Julie Abrahamsen, DEN, 4 – 0
3. Karin Hagström, SWE, 4 – 2
4. Linda Rahm, SWE, 4 – 2
5. Nicole Souter, AUS, 2 – 2
5. Anne-Claire Le Berre, FRA, 2 – 2
5. Stephanie Roble, USA, 2 – 2
8. Silvia Roca Mata, ESP, 1 – 3
8. Cristiana Monina, ITA, 1 – 3
10. Caroline Sylvan, SWE, 0 – 6

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