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Blustery Solent

The latest from Aberdeen Asset Management Cowes Week PLUS a Rick Tomlinson photo gallery

Monday August 8th 2011, Author: Rupert Holmes, Location: United Kingdom

The thousands of competitors at Aberdeen Asset Management Cowes Week enjoyed another glorious sunny day, with a brisk WNWerly wind providing spectacular sailing.

Winds in the morning were more moderate than yesterday, at 10-15 knots, but a short shower that passed over Cowes at lunchtime heralded a rapid strengthening of the breeze. The mean wind peaked just above 20 knots, but gusts again topped 30 for a couple of hours before the breeze moderated a little in the early afternoon.

The larger boats in the Black Group classes starting on the Royal Yacht Squadron line headed east, with wind and tide behind, so a cautious approach to the start was essential. As with other classes, the Contessa 32 fleet was quick to set spinnakers after the gun. Eldred Himsworth’s Drumbeat led away from the line, a good two lengths ahead of three boats that were neck and neck with each other: Michael Hill’s Nimbus, Chris North’s Andaxi and Ray Rouse’s Blanco.

Jess Hoggarth’s Corafin started a little further back and well to leeward, but sailing higher and faster. Within two minutes of the start she was rivalling Nimbus, who had broken away from the others, at the front of the fleet. However, by the end of the four-hour race Corafinhad slipped to fifth place, while Drumbeat took her first win. Simon and Kay Porter’s Equator was second and Blanco, winner on the first two days, third.

IRC Class 6 was approaching a gybe mark at East Bramble when the wind started to increase. Jim Cullumbine’s Maxi 1050 Merhaba led the fleet at the mark, 45 seconds ahead of Stephen James’ Swan 38 Jacobite. Chris Haworth’s Half Tonner Beat & Run was next, at head of a tightly-knit pack of six boats. Rory Fitzwilliams’ Three-Quarter Tonner Simplicity caught a gust to storm past to windward of Beat & Run, while Andy King’s 80-year-old 30 Square Metre Gluckauf whisked past to leeward.

It wasn’t long before the stronger winds started to create problems. Tony Mace’s Carter 39 Saphir, for instance, was unable to rig the pole on the new side after gybing, her flogging spinnaker a severe hindrance for James Verner and Lisa Anderson’s much smaller Impala 28 Nyala trapped in her lee.

The smaller day boats headed towards the north shore after starting in a westerly direction from the Royal Yacht Squadron line. This made a start at the outer end of the line, followed by a quick tack onto port being the favoured strategy.

In the Quarter Ton class, 19 year old Mark Lees’ Team Echo pushed the small boat hard all day to take their first win. On the long beat home against the tide from Gilkicker, Lees stayed in the tidal lee to the east of the Bramble bank for longer than rival, the Welch, Manser, Flemming and Fulford team, on Phoenix, who made an earlier break for the Island shore. “We didn’t know who would be ahead until we tacked towards the Island shore,” said Lees, “but in the end we crossed well ahead.” Oli Ophaus, who was borrowing Louise Morton’s Espada as his own boat Cote was dismasted in yesterday’s strong winds, was third. 

In Class IRC 0 Charles Dunstone’s Team Origin took his first win of the regatta, beating another TP52, Franck Noel’s Near Miss, by more than five minutes on corrected time. “It was one of those days when everything went right,” said Team Origin navigator Mark Chisnell. “We made no mistakes, got the right side of the windshifts, and extended our lead round the course. We saw marginally higher windspeeds upwind than yesterday, but today’s downwind legs weren’t as furious and exciting.”

In the Sunbeam fleet Julian Money’s Penny and Roger Wickens’ Dannyhad the best starts, with Danny marginally ahead and faster, but to leeward of Penny. Money tacked onto port later than the rest of the fleet, but held a useful advantage to windward of the pack as they headed across the Solent.

After two hours of racing the bulk of the Daring fleet was impressively tightly bunched – and mingled with J/80s – as they dropped spinnakers and turned upwind at their sixth mark, Hamble Yacht Services. The front runners of both classes, however, had pulled out significant leads: in the Darings Giles Peckham, Milo Carver & Richard Romer-Lee in Dauntless, and Jeremy Preston, Mark Fear and Scott Macleod’sDefender.

For many White Group classes, the beat from here to Stormforce Coaching buoy, at the entrance to Southampton Water, was followed by a tight spinnaker reach to East Knoll, just as the wind was gusting to maximum strength. The leading SB3s were first round, with the top three boats – Mark Stokes’ Eau No!, David Cummins’s Rumbleflurg and the Oppie Dads’ Sponge Bob – well spaced out and enjoying a comfortable margin ahead of the fourth-placed boat.

This leg proved a problem for many of the Darings, which broached repeatedly in spectacular fashion before almost everyone dropped spinnakers. The SB3s and J/80s, in contrast bore away on the gusts for a super-fast downwind blast, before dropping kite and luffing up for a quick white-sail reach into the mark.

At the Daring’s finish, Dauntless and Defender retained first and second places respectively, while J & J Hackman, A Babbington-Smith and J Matthews’ Double Knot took third. Henry Bomby’s Team Balticwas first J/80, more than two minutes ahead of Ian Atkin’s Boats.com, while William Goldsmith’s Team Exess was third.

The 145 boats in the XOD class raced on a windward / leeward course in the shelter of the Isle of Wight to the east of Cowes. In such a big fleet consistency is the key to overall success, but only three boats have top 10 results in both the races sailed so far: Adrian Summers, Ian Paton and Ed Fitzgerarld’s Excalibur added a fourth place to their existing seventh; William Norris’ Beatrix scored seventh today following a ninth in the first race; and Karl Thorne and Caroline Driscoll’s Mersa has notched up two 10th places.


IRC Class 0
1, Team Origin (Charles Dunstone)
2, Near Miss (Franck Noel)
3, Pace (Johnny Vincent)
4, Tonnerre De Breskens 3 (P W Vroon)
5, Bob (Rob Gray, Sam Laidlaw & Tony Hayward)

IRC Class 1
1, John B (Chaz Ivill)
2, Desperado (Richard Loftus)
3, Antilope (Willem Wester)
4, Marinetti (Robert Condon & Simon Shaw)
5, Inis Mor (Bernard Gouy)

IRC Class 2
1, Jinja (Ian Matthews)
2, La Reponse (Andrew McIrvine)
3, Inga From Sweden (Richard Goransson)
4, Premier Flair (Jim Macgregor)
5, Shmokin' Joe (Duncan McDonald & Phil Thomas)

IRC Class 3
1, Fatjax (Iain Kirkpatrick)
2, Sleeper (Layfield Family)
3, Chenapan (Chenapan)
4, Tan It (Richard & Paul Harris)
5, Oxygen III (Mike Birmingham)

IRC Class 4
1, King Louie (Fiona & Malcolm Thorpe)
2, Xcitable (Peter Hodgkinson & Sarah Bailey)
3, Alaris (John Howell)
4, Mongoose (Tom Snowball)
5, A Boen (Johan Bol)

IRC Class 5
1, Fever (Grant Gordon)
2, Yes! (Adam Gosling)
3, McFly (Tony Mack)
4, Brightwork (Bob & Jon Baker)
5, Boomerang (Ray Crouch, Paul Baker & Damien Kenny)

IRC Class 6
1, Jacobite (Stephen James)
2, Alvine Xv (Alistair Evans)
3, Simplicity (Rory Fitzwilliams)
4, Patriot Games (Paul Blowers & Nick Daniels)
5, Sevcon Team Chia Chia (Phil Eagleton)

IRC Class 7
1, Moo (Jo Richards)
2, Madelaine (Madelaine & Isobella Donald)
3, Conteza (David Kirkley)
4, Mandarin (Paul Dunstan)
5, Fianchetto (Ed Brand)

1, Premier Cru (Tom Richardson)
2, Inflexion 2 (Inflexion Managers)
3, Rum N Cork (Livingstone, Brown, Lewis)

1, Artificer (Southampton UOTC)
2, Surfeit (Stock Exchage Sailing Association)

Contessa 32
1, Drumbeat (Eldred Himsworth)
2, Equator (Simon & Kay Porter)
3, Blanco (Ray Rouse)
4, Andaxi (Chris North)
5, Corafin (Jess Hoggarth)

1, Dauntless (Giles Peckham, Milo Carver & Richard Romer-Lee)
2, Defender (J Preston, M Fear & S Macleod)
3, Double Knot (J Hackman, J Hackman, A Babbington-Smith, J Matthews)
4, Audax (Mike Bilbo & Roger Marwood)
5, Dolphin (David N Gower)

1, Aimee (Graham Bailey)
2, Ecstatic (Eric Williams)
3, Jerboa (Gavia Wilkinson-Cox)
4, Naiad (Mike Hayles)
5, Supremacy (Richard Cullen)

1, Moonlight (Downer Family)
2, Freelance (Laurence Mead)
3, Esprit (Mr R Elliott)
4, Ragtime (Rob & Ashley Goddard)
5, Wake (W Wagner)

First 34.7
1, Mongoose (Tom Snowball)
2, Kratos (Robert Martin)
3, As If By Magic (Timon Robson & Liz Lefeber)
4, Captain Fantastic (Robin Harris)
5, Madraco (Richard Lewis)

First 40.7
1, Tradition Philosophie IV (Nicolas Gaumont-Prat)
2, Trustmarque (Peter Robson)
3, Incognito (Paul McNamara & Tony Lowe)
4, Fandango (Brendan McMahon & Adam Ridett)
5, Lancelot Britannia (Lancelot Britannia)

Flying 15
1, Men Behaving Badly (Rupert & John Mander)
2, Sea-Jay (Alex Storrar)
3, Black (Nick Clarke & Kathy Hunt)
4, Fifty Fifty (Andrew Millband)
5, Crew'S Missile (Graham Latham)

ISC Rating System
1, Lickety Split (Privatesail Ltd)
2, Gazelle (Mrs Minka Armitage)
3, Panther (James Stableford)
4, White Heather (Janet, Lionel & David Miller)
5, Hula (Malcolm Moss)

1, Velvet Elvis (Adam & Helen Wright)
2, J-Dream (Peter Nicholson, Fabian French and Martin Stanley)
3, Levante (Stanley, Walker & Williams)
4, Yeoman (Calascione/Ripard family)
5, Shiva (M Boyle)

1, Team Baltic (Team Baltic)
2, Boats.Com (Ian Atkins)
3, Exess (Team EXESS)
4, La Bete (Jon Powell)
5, Big Toe (Big Toe)

1, Royal 3 (William Evans)
2, Wellington College (Anthony Esse & Charlie Esse)
3, Royal 4 (Miss Alexandra Neill)
4, Royal 5 (Christopher Hill)
5, Sassi (Sophie Sheldon)

Laser SB3
1, Eau No! (Mark Stokes)
2, Rumbleflurg (David Cummins)
3, Sponge Bob (Oppie Dads - McLean, Quinton, Waha & Webb)
4, Rola-Trac (Ben Saxton)
5, Magic Marine (James Rusden)

1, Www.Seacart26.Com (Calle Hennix)
2, Buzz (Phil Cotton)
3, Wandering Glider (Matthew West)
4, Nitric (Nigel Talbot)

Ondeck Ocean Racer
1, Spirit Of Juno (Spirit of Juno)
2, Spirit Of Diana (Spirit of Diana)
3, Spirit Of Minerva (Spirit of Minerva)

Quarter Ton
1, Panic (Mark Lees (Team Echo))
2, Phoenix (Welch, Manser, Flemming & Fulford)
3, Espada (Oli Ophaus)
4, Whiskers (Liz Rushall)
5, Innuendo (B.Byham, R.Boxell & R.Swinney)

1, Quail (Edmund Peel and James Wilson)
2, Harlequin (Matt Alexander & John Raymond)
3, Toucan (Colin & Becky Samuelson, Peter & Lynne Romer-Lee)
4, Ladybird (Thomas Chetwood, Matthew Chetwood & Henrietta Chetwood)
5, Musicus (Nicholas Robertson & David McCue)

RS Elite
1, Matterhorn Jack (Roger Wilson)
2, E'Tu (Steve Powell)
3, Rssailing.Com (Martin Wadhams)
4, Aeolus (Jono Brown - Selby Jennings Financial Recruitment Specialist)
5, Ciaobella (Mike Tong)

Seaview Mermaid
1, Sheen (Anthony Eaton)
2, Amethyst (Richard Davies & Nick Hewitt)
3, Jade (Will Caws)
4, Rosemary (Richard Ambler)
5, Cynthia (Simon Broxham, Kate Broxham & Jeremy Smith)

Sigma 33
1, Whippa Snappa (Richard J Puddifoot)
2, Shadowfax (Andy Johns & David Rolfe)
3, Workout (Jeff Worboys)
4, Prospero Of Hamble (Allan Fraser)
5, Spirit Of Kudu (Mark Watkins)

Sigma 38
1, Mefisto (Kevin Sussmilch)
2, With Alacrity (Chris & Vanessa Choules)
3, Pavlova III (Max Walker)
4, Rapscallion (Peter Diamond)
5, Nuance (Eddie Proctor)

Solent Sunbeam
1, Danny (Roger Wickens)
2, Symphony (Mr & Mrs Anthony Robinson and Mr & Mrs Mark Harvey)
3, Jenny (Richard Pearson)
4, Fleury (Joe Burnie)
5, Spray (Alan Stannah)

1, Mumm-Ra (Will Rome)
2, Josh (Shoreham Youth Team)
3, Wisconsin (Sussex Sailability (Deaf Crew))
4, Periscaope (Peter Collins, Rodney Jones and A Blizzard)
5, Pisces (John Pryke)

1, High Note (Olly Bewes)
2, Xantz (Michael Tennant)
3, Barracuda (Robin MacCaw & Joe MacCaw)
4, Fsharp (David Hunter)

1, Lady Penelope (Malcolm Hutchings & Andy Ramsey)
2, Aquabat (Fred Warren-Smith)
3, Surprise (Duncan & John Grindley)
4, Polyphagus (Stephen Porter)
5, Crazy Diamond (Peter Wilson)

Sunsail F40
1, Islas Canarias-Lanzarote (Alison Russell)
2, Alexander Rose (Alison Russell)
3, The Listening Company (Alison Russell)
4, Cazenove Dynamic (Alison Russell)
5, Specialist Training (Alison Russell)

1, Skua (Harry Roome, Prue Roome & David Lees)
2, Cockersootie (Paul Ward)
3, Solitude (AJ Lunch & AM Reid)
4, Migrant (Charles Fisher, Richard & Carol Thompson)
5, Avocet (John Houghton)

1, Shearwater (Russell Mead)
2, Zelia (Geoff & Sarah Dixon, Maxine Reeves and Hugh Winter)
3, Ziva (Mark & Joanna Dennington)
4, Variety (Janet Dee & Shaun Hopkins)
5, Peregrine (Duncan, Carol, Di & Tom)

X One Design
1, Phoenix (Chris Froy, Andrew Shaw & Alan Roberts)
2, Xcitation (J R Lear, J Tremlett & Cherry Powell)
3, Lizz Whizz (Neil Payne)
4, Excalibur (Adrian Summers, Ian Paton & Ed Fitzgerarld)
5, Swallow (Simon Russell, Darren Maple & Richard Lovering)


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