Another drama-laden Sunday

Gilles Martin-Raget /
Capsizes and collision at the America's Cup World Series in Plymouth
Sundays at the America’s Cup World Series in Plymouth and it would seem a good idea to say your prayers before going racing. Even this morning, the day was lining up as one of terror with the four AC45s in Millbay Dock romping around on their moorings while there were some alarming attempts to crane the wingsails on to the catamaran platforms. Once out on to Plymouth Sound in a wind that had veered even further around to the North, blowing off the Hoe at times, there were bombs of breeze gusting up to 25 knots or more, bringing with them huge shifts. Capsizes, it seemed, would be inevitable. First up before the race had even started was Loick Peyron and Energy Team...Peyron having previously been proud of his 30 year record in multihull racing that had never previously involved a capsize. Team Korea was at a standstill as Peyron's Energy Team were approaching them from astern when a big gust hit causing Team Korea to drift backwards. Peyron later said that in retrospect he should have tacked, but in the end he bore away causing the weather hull to fly high into the air and, et voila, they were over. However he was pleased they managed to right their boat: the Energy Team RIB pulled their wing into the wind from where they were able to water start, much like a windsurfer. “I think we are buying the drinks for Energy Team for a good few weeks,” said Draper. While Team Korea came away unscathed, Energy Team went on to start the race impressively coming home in sixth place, just 4 minutes 22 seconds after the winner. More drama was to come prior to the start gun when there was an impressive collision, initially with Aleph ramming Green Comm just aft of the