The ground breaking deal

Grant Dalton with ETNZ President Matteo di Nora
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Grant Dalton with ETNZ President Matteo di Nora
Grant Dalton discusses Emirates Team New Zealand's ground breaking partnership with Luna Rossa
Following permission being given by the defender for Luna Rossa to become a late challenger for the 34th America’s Cup (final entries were due before the end of May), so yesterday in Alicante, Emirates Team New Zealand CEO Grant Dalton unveiled details of a partnership with Patricio Bertelli’s Italian challenger that is believed to be unique in Cup history. “For a period of a few months we, as Emirates Team New Zealand, have been discussing with them a joint collaboration, a sharing of all resource, primarily design in the first instance. They would take our boat one, which is just about to commence building, and they would build an absolutely identical boat from every nut and bolt and layer of carbon fibre and then move on to potentially developing a change to that boat or their own second boat as we move on to our second boat.” However since this initial collaboration was discussed around a month and a half ago, the deal has expanded. Luna Rossa has employed a small design team (compared to Emirates Team New Zealand’s that is) and the Kiwi team has already completed the design of their first AC72 as the build of the first Italian and New Zealand AC72s takes place, both design teams will be able to work in unison with a view to developing their first boats further and/or building a second AC72. The agreement between the two teams is only allowed to last up until the end of 2012 – as permitted under article 33.1 of the Protocol governing the 34th America’s Cup which states: from ‘1 January 2013 each Competitor shall engage separate and independent Designers who, from that date forward shall have no design involvement with any other Competitor’s program, etc’. “Because this is such a new class no one team can afford