Bella Mente version 2

We get the guided tour to the new Judel Vrolijk 72 Mini Maxi
One of the most committed owners to the Mini Maxi class is certainly Minneapolis-based financier Hap Fauth, who’s second Bella Mente Mini Maxi was launched in May. The boat has since competed in the Newport-Bermuda Race before being shipped to Europe where last week she became the new Mini Maxi World Champion. Possibly because of the mistakes made with the first Bella Mente Mini Maxi - that had to have major surgery carried out on it to rectify the massive lee helm she developed whenever the chine dug in - the new boat has been long in gestation. Work commenced on this project all the way back in November 2010... In general terms the new Bella Mente’s remit is to be capable of racing both inshore and offshore. As owner Hap Fauth describes it: “We try to set the boat up for both inshore and offshore and built this boat so that we would feel very comfortable in a Sydney Hobart or a Fastnet in terms of the boat’s integrity. Nothing is ever perfect in terms of building a screamer for offshore or something that is lightning fast around the buoys, but we think we are kind of in the middle and if we sail it well, we’ll do okay.” Given that there are now four racing Mini Maxis competing at the 72ft maximum length and future boats are also likely to be of this size, there is the potential for fantastic competition racing against boats with similar ratings, as we saw the beginnings of last week in Porto Cervo. While both the new Judel Vrolijk Mini Maxis, Stig and Bella Mente, are developments of Niklas Zennström’s highly successful Rán 2, in turn a progression on from Dan Meyers’ 66ft Numbers, with Bella Mente the Judel Vrolijk office was commissioned to carry out a considerable